DC Universe Online Launches Atlantis Expansion Ahead of Aquaman Movie

With James Wan's Aquaman arriving in theaters next month, Daybreak Games is releasing a new expansion for DC Universe Online to coincide with the king of Atlantis' solo film.

Appropriately titled Atlantis, the expansion is one of the largest since the game's 2011 debut. Players will defend the kingdom against Corum Rath, the xenophobic fundamentalist in charge of the Atlantean terror cell known as the Deluge. For the first time, players will get to explore Atlantis in all its glory, with swimming and combat reimagined to reflect the underwater environment. In addition to new missions, there will also be new Raids to fight for the Crown of Thorns, or to fight Rath himself. And yes, you can battle an undersea monster in a Raid. The expansion is available for any players level 10 or higher.

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DC Universe Online is no stranger to releasing events to coincide with major film and television debuts. The game has had stories tied to the The CW's Arrowverse, an animated adaptation of Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, and such recent films as Justice League and Wonder Woman. The game has also adapted comic book storylines such as Blackest Night and Earth-3.

DC Universe Online: Atlantis releases today for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

DC Universe Online Atlantis expansion
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