DC Universe Online Announces Game-Changing Revamp

There are big changes coming to the nearly six-year-old MMOG "DC Universe Online" that will fundamentally alter how the game's character stats work, reshaping its entire playing experience.

In a post on the forum of developer Daybreak Game Company, the game's Lead Systems Designer Michael Mann explained that, "the main focus of [the revamp] is to make your stats and skill determine your effectiveness in game, not your combat rating."

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Aside from the upgrading of how and from where stats are gained, the change that may prove most controversial is the decision to remove the advanced mechanics and weapon mastery bonuses, which give players using them a massive advantage over their rivals.

As Mann detailed, the bonuses "introduced a range of problems to the current game, from general balance issues to one-off bugs to fundamental problems with players discovering them in the first place. They also limit how we can expand the game in the future and are just not an ideal way to experience ['DC Universe Online's'] core action combat gameplay."

Full details of the changes and how they will impact players can be found on the Daybreak forum.

Launched in January 2011, the free-to-play action combat game allows users to create their own hero or villain and fight alongside -- or against -- the icons of the DC Universe. Co-published by WB Games, "DC Universe Online" is available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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