The DC Universe Faces a Threat Worse Than the Black Lanterns

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Tales From the Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night #1, by Tim Seeley, Kyle Hotz, Dexter Vines, Danny Miki, Walden Wong, David Baron, Allen Passalaqua and Rob Leigh, on sale now.

The epic crossover event Blackest Night saw DC Comics' vast library of deceased heroes and villains resurrected by Nekron as the ravenous Black Lantern Corps. They harvested the hearts of the living so they could use the raw emotion within them as a bloody power source. No corner of the DC Universe was safe from these familiar undead faces. They swept across the stars, while Earth became the primary battleground between the forces of the living and the dead for the fate of the DCU.

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The latest Dark Multiverse special one-shot revisits and reimagines the crossover event with its expected sinister sensibilities. However, this alternate universe's Sinestro refuses to turn the tide of battle against Nekron and his Black Lanterns by sharing his cleansing, omnipotent power as the first White Lantern with the rest of the DCU heroes. Unable to rely on the White Lantern to cleanse the DCU of Black Lanterns like the original event, a gravely wounded Sinestro gathers Dove and Lobo as the last two survivors on Earth to regroup elsewhere deep within the cosmos.

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Encountering Mister Miracle, the last surviving New God, the group realizes that the Source Wall at the border of the universe could unleash all the raw, universe-forming life energies into their version of the DCU should it be breached, potentially cleansing their reality from Nekron and Black Lanterns for good. Dove's connection to the White Light makes her the perfect vessel to unleash its energies upon the world.

However, this plan goes suddenly awry as the ensemble reaches the Source Wall. Miracle, maddened by the grief of his losing his wife Big Barda to the Black Lanterns, abruptly breaks bad and snaps Dove's neck, killing her.

Left without any options as the combined might of the Black Lantern Corps -- now lead by a fearsome Black Lantern Darkseid who proclaims himself the Anti-Life Equation incarnate -- bears down on them, Sinestro opts to breach the Source Wall anyway. This time he uses Lobo, who has an accelerated healing factor due to his Czarnian physiology, as a vessel for the White Light beyond the Wall. The last-ditch effort is indeed successful in eradicating the Black Lanterns -- albeit, at the violent expense of Lobo's life -- as the light travels all the way back to Nekron's power source on Earth.

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This plan quickly proves to have entirely unexpected consequences, however, as new species based off of Czarnian DNA and Lobo's lethal temperament quickly rise across the reborn, cleansed Earth. Rapidly evolving from primordial beings to a spacefaring species, the new generation of Czarnians quickly launch a devastating campaign, conquering and destroying worlds across this alternate DC Universe, much to the visible horror of Sinestro, who flees from the coming onslaught terrified of what he has created.

Blackest Night pit the heroes of the DC Universe against death itself, with the Black Lanterns bringing the extensive legacy of the dead against the living for the fate of the DCU. The latest Dark Multiverse special trades one evil for another, with a recklessly desperate Sinestro unleashing a bloodthirsty threat in the image of Lobo on his universe. While death incarnate may not have conquered this universe, death as an abstract still reigns supreme in the Dark Multiverse.

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