Leaked DC Universe Concept Art Hints At Female Wildcat

DC Universe concept art has leaked online, giving fans their first look at Aqualad, Ravager and what appears to be a female Wildcat.

Aqualad and Ravager, of course, are slated to appear in Season 2 of Titans, played by Drew Van Acker and Chelsea T. Zhang respectively. Underneath the blurry image of Aqualad, though, is a masked female that bears a striking resemblance to Wildcat.

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The original Wildcat is a man named Ted Grant, who's actually been confirmed for the upcoming Stargirl series. However, while that role is being played by Brian Stapf, Rambo: Last Blood's Yvette Monreal has also been cast in the series in a currently undisclosed role, which presents that possibility that she could be playing Yolanda Montez.

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In the comics, Yolanda Montez is the goddaughter of Ted Grant. When Grant is injured during the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, she takes up the mantle of Wildcat and soon goes on to join Infinity Inc.

Considering some have already speculated that Monreal will be playing Montez, it's certainly within the realm of possibilities that we could see two Wildcats in Stargirl.

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Arriving in 2020, DC Universe's Stargirl stars Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore (Stargirl), Joel McHale as Sylvester Pemberton (Starman), Brian Stapf as Ted Grant (Wildcat), Lou Ferrigno Jr. as Rex Tyler (Hourman) and Meg DeLacy as Cindy Burman, with Anjelika Washington, Yvette Monreal and Christopher James Baker as undisclosed DC characters.

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