DC Turns Uslan & Bullock's "Batman: Black and White" Story Into Silent Film

Credit where credit is due -- DC Comics has certainly found a unique way to promote its upcoming "Batman: Black and White" #2. The publisher has posted a video that turns Michael Uslan and Dave Bullock's short story "Silent Knight... Unholy Knight!" into a silent film trailer complete with old-timey orchestral music, tears in the film and silent film captions.

Posted earlier today on DC Comics' YouTube Channel, the 40-second trailer heavily features Bullock's artwork with limited animation, which lends itself incredibly well to the video presentation. While the trailer doesn't reveal much of what to expect from the story beyond Bullock's artwork, it's certainly one of the more creative pieces of promotion seen in recent memory.

"Batman: Black and White" #2 hits stores October 2.

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