DC tribute poster now available to consumers

[Superman #14]Previously DC Comics announced they would issue a poster featuring classic Superman artwork to pay tribute to those who perished and honor those who have worked tirelessly in the recovery efforts. This poster is being made available to stores for free at one copy per store. Today, DC Comics announced in a release it will also be made available for consumer purchase.

The poster features cover artwork by Fred Ray from Superman #42 (January - February 1942) with the headline "We Salute America's Heroes." Additional copies of the 4-color, 22" x 34", folded poster will be made available to stores at a nominal cost and DC suggests store owners "use copies of the poster to solicit charitable donations from their customers or as an incentive in other fundraising efforts."

Retailers copies of the poster are expected in stores October 10th and the "Superman Salutes America's Heroes" poster (AUG015087) may be ordered now up till October 12 through diamond.

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