DC to Give Bill Finger Official Credit on "Batman v Superman" and "Gotham"

Look for something new on "Gotham" this season: A credit for the late Bill Finger, as revealed by The Hollywood Reporter. The writer was a vastly influential creative force in shaping many aspects of the Batman franchise -- including the creation of Batman himself -- but up until this point, only Bob Kane has received official credit as the creator of Batman. Now, Finger will receive credits on both Fox TV series "Gotham" and upcoming feature film "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

DC Entertainment has released a statement to THR, with word from DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson:

DC Entertainment and the family of Bill Finger are pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement that recognizes Mr. Finger's significant contributions to the Batman family of characters. "Bill Finger was instrumental in developing many of the key creative elements that enrich the Batman universe, and we look forward to building on our acknowledgement of his significant role in DC Comics' history," stated Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment. "As part of our acknowledgement of those contributions," Nelson continued, "we are pleased to confirm today that Bill Finger will be receiving credit in the Warner Bros. television series Gotham beginning later this season, and in the forthcoming motion picture Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

Finger worked with Bob Kane in the late 1930s, and developed Kane's initial Batman concept into something much more closely resembling the cultural icon the character became. He also co-created multiple famous and enduring Batman heroes and villains including Robin, the Joker, Catwoman, Two-Face, Riddler, Clayface and Bat-Mite. Finger passed away in 1974, with his contributions largely unrecognized during his lifetime.

In recent years, a groundswell of support grew for Finger to receive credit for his Batman work, due to efforts such as Marc Tyler Nobleman's book "Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman," which attracted mainstream press to the cause. In July 2014, a new edition of "Detective Comics" #27 -- Batman's first appearance -- included a cover credit for Finger, seen as a sign of progress towards wider recognition.

"No one is denying Bill's massive contributions to the DC mythology -- not just Batman," DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee told CBR News last year. "It's never been our take that it was only Bob Kane. But the credit by Bob Kane, that's a very specific thing, and has been around since the creation of Batman, over 75 years ago. It's hard to talk about this publicly other than, we love what Bill Finger has contributed to the mythology, and we've always acknowledged and compensated him and his estate for that work."

The second season premiere of "Gotham" is scheduled to air this Monday, Sept. 21, on Fox. "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is scheduled for release on March 25, 2016.

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