DC To Expand "Supergirl's" TV World With Digital-First Comic

While a crossover with the Flarrowverse remains unlikely, CBS's "Supergirl" appears to be following in the footsteps of its CW brethren with a digital-first comic. A new listing on Amazon reveals plans for a series detailing what happens to Kara Danvers in-between episodes of her show.

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Discovered by Bleeding Cool, the listing does not reveal the series' creative team, but does contain an overview of the comic.

"SUPERGIRL: DIGITAL FIRST VOL. 1 ties directly into critically acclaimed Fall 2015 hit television show Supergirl, continuing storylines as they appear on the show.

Kara Zor-El landed on Earth after many years stuck in en route from her now-destroyed home planet Krypton, having followed in her famous cousin Superman's footsteps. Upon arriving, she was taken in by the lovely Danvers family and taught to hide her un-Earthly powers from sight. As the world falls in love with her super hero cousin Superman, Kara starts to feel the urge to embrace her powers, especially when her powers can save someone she loves.

But does National City want a Supergirl? Is the world ready for another super hero? And what other-worldly consequences arrive once Kara Danvers reveals her true self? Find out in the stories between the episodes in SUPERGIRL: DIGITAL-FIRST VOL. 1!"

CBR News has reached out to DC Comics for more information.

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