DC to bring back its war comics as one-shots in September

DC Comics announced this morning that some of its most famous war titles will return in September with a series of one-shots.

The comics include: Weird War Tales, by Ivan Brandon and Darwyn Cooke; Our Fighting Forces, by B. Clay Moore and Chad Hardin; Star-Spangled War Stories, by William Tucci and Justiniano; G.I. Combat, by Matt Sturges and Phil Winslade; and Our Army at War, whose creative team apparently hasn't been named.

The one-shots feature covers by Cooke, Mark Schultz, Geof Darrow, Joe Kubert and Brian Bolland.

There's no word on which characters will be spotlighted, but it seems likely that G.I. Combat will feature the Haunted Tank -- Darrow's cover verifies as much -- Weird War Tales the Creature Commandos or maybe G.I. Robot, Our Army at War Sgt. Rock or Enemy Ace, and, fingers crossed, Star-Spangled War Stories "The War That Time Forgot."

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