Titans: 10 Things DC Fans Should Know About Lobo’s Daughter, Crush

Every team needs a heavy-hitting teammate, and the Teen Titans have a powerhouse named Crush. A member of the second Rebirth Teen Titans team, Crush was introduced in Teen Titans Special #1 alongside fellow new teammates Red Arrow, Djinn, and Roundhouse and returning Teen Titans Robin and Kid Flash.

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She is the daughter of Lobo, the intergalactic bounty hunter that has come into conflict with the big DC heroes like Superman and Batman. Crush is a heavy hitter on her own, but alongside the out-of-control Titans like Damian Wayne’s Robin, she has nothing holding her back. Here are a few things you may not know about Crush.

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10 Burning Man

The story of Superman is well known. Some time ago, he crashed into the middle of a field and was found by the Kents. Crush’s history is similar. She crashed from the sky into the middle of a field. That field just so happened to be Burning Man, one of the largest, most drug-filled festivals of the United States.

Unlike Superman, Crush wasn’t found by sweet farmers Johnathan and Martha Kent. Instead, she was found by David and Lisa Rojas. The two were in the middle of a drug-trip when Crush crash-landed. Outward appearances aside, the Rojas tried their best to teach Crush and form her into a good person. They loved her until they died as their past caught up with them.

9 Ring Fighter

When Robin found Crush, she was a ring fighter. The day her adoptive parents died, she was attacked by some classic crappy men in a small, podunk town. That was the first time she fought anyone and it was an important moment in her life. She had just found out her father was Lobo and was already raging about being lied to her whole life.

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Her fighting was a way to explore her inner nature. She destroyed those guys and felt good. Until she found her dead parents that is. During her time as an underground fighter, she made plenty of enemies, but more importantly, she made enough cash to survive from fight to fight. When she was found by Robin, she had just brutally beaten every opponent in the fight, eventually being covered in their blood as dozens of bodies lay strewn about her.

8 Half-Czarnian

Crush Lobo's Daughter

While it is easily known that her father is Lobo, nothing is known of her mother. An answer is not going to be provided for a long time if Teen Titans editor Alex Antone is to be trusted. It has been teased by writer Adam Glass that her mother is possibly another big name in DC. These teases give readers a sense of what is possible for the lineage of Crush.

Since she is only half-Czarnian, there are a few differences between her and Lobo. The biggest difference is that her eyes have pupils. A full Czarnian’s eyes are fully red. She also ages at a human pace. When she fought her father, he made sure to tell her she was only half of what he is.

7 Superpowered Teenage Girl


As a teenage girl, Crush has had a tough life. She grew up thinking her parents were superheroes until the day she saw Lobo on television and left her parents. No matter the incidents that happened to her that day, she was always going to be a superpowered being thanks to her Czarnian blood.

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Crush has all of the superpowers of a full Czarnian. She has superhuman durability, strength, and stamina. While it is unknown if she has the same death-averse abilities as her father, she has been shown to have an accelerated healing process. Again, similar to Superman’s origins, she has an incredible leap ability, mirroring his ability to hop buildings in a single bound.

6 Real Name

Crush shockingly doesn’t use her real name in crime-fighting. Rather she goes by her underground fighting nickname Crush. Her real name is Xiomara Rojas. While it is unclear why she was named Xiomara, it was the name given to her by adoptive parents David and Lisa Rojas. While this is technically her real name, her birth name is currently unknown.

The name is a Spanish name that is meant to mean a strong female warrior. Based on the name alone, the Rojas actively believed that their daughter would grow up to be a hero. She started going by Crush after the death of her parents. She chose the name Crush because she likes to crush things.

5 Lobo’s Daughters

Lobo has no shortage of history in DC comics history. One storyline he was featured in had two hundred of his spawn combining their forces against their father. While almost all of them were sons, there was a standout daughter for the series.

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In the miniseries Lobo: Infanticide, Su-Lehmon was the last survivor of the attempted patricide against Lobo. She, with money she earned through many years as the galaxies highest paid prostitute, managed to gather her siblings against their father. In her last moments, she almost was able to defeat Lobo thanks to her own tactical advantages. However, she is ultimately killed by a “fart like a fifty kiloton nuclear blast.”

4 Unequipped Quipper

Despite being the spawn of the Main Man, who is known for his aptitude for quips, Crush is not nearly as skilled. She has shown an ability to throw some mean insults around, but her joking ends just short of being funny. During a verbal altercation with Kid Flash, the next member in a line of heroes who rely on quips, she reacts poorly to a returned quip. In this case, poorly means trying to kill Kid Flash.

She manages to have some of the strongest solo moments because of her ability to be abrupt. While she was holding the rubble of an exploded building up above the team, she gives a speech about how messed up the whole team is. It is a strong moment for her as a character because it was the only time she showed the slightest of an emotional connection to the whole team.

3 Lesbi-Honest

Crush is introduced to the team by being flirted with by fellow Teen Titan Roundhouse. They have the banter typically associated with the trope of fated lovers, but it never feels the same as bickering between canonically fated lovers Raven and Beast Boy (even if that love was more forced than earned when it does happen). The reason it doesn’t feel right is that Crush is lesbian.

While it is never stated outright, she only shows affection for one person, Djinn. Because of Crush’s history, she doesn’t know how to show her feelings properly. It doesn’t help that she received confirmation from Joystick that Djinn likes her back, but that Djinn really likes Damian Wayne more. She is a back-up love interest, even though she should be first in line.

2 Obelus

In addition to her wealth of superpowers, Crush also has a magical chain named Obelus that aids her in her fights. She didn’t originally appear with the chain in Teen Titans #20. Instead, she and Djinn went on a journey to retrieve the chain from the man who killed her parents.

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In Teen Titans #25, Crush reveals her backstory to Djinn. Rather than falling to Earth in a rocket ship or a capsule, she was wrapped in a sentient chain that protected her. After she retrieved it, she kept Obelus close, even telling the chain she loved it. Obelus was instrumental against Lobo, turning the fight in the Teen Titans favor.

1 Lobo Hates Her

Much like his other children, Lobo absolutely hates Crush. After finding out about her existence thanks to the Teen Titan’s main enemy The Other, he was fully on board with taking her down. Throughout their battle, he notes that she is only one of the hundreds of his mistakes.

Lobo relishes in his ability to beat down his daughter throughout the fight. While he is on a contract against the whole team, he focuses on her. Even though this schism between them has been coming since Crush’s introduction, the final moments of Teen Titans #32 hint that the two will work together in the future.

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