DC Teases the Aftermath of "The Culling"

This week, DC Comics continued its trend of revealing new information throughout the week with teasers for "The Culling" mini-event taking place in "Superboy," "Teen Titans," "Legion Lost" and upcoming "Second Wave" title "The Ravagers." Much like the slow reveal of annual issues for "Superman," "Detective Comics" and more, the publisher, via its blog The Source, teased of many new plot threads taking place in the four core books following "The Culling."

In "Superboy" #10, fans who were hoping the Boy of Steel would join up with the Teen Titans might be disappointed -- but according to series editor Chris Conroy, there will be some interaction between Superboy and Wonder Girl with guest art by Sebastian Fiumara.

"After the Culling, literally everything's changed for Superboy," Conroy told The Source. "He's spent his whole short life in the clutches of N.O.W.H.E.R.E., and now he's 'free' -- but where will he live? Who can he trust? And speaking of trust, who's even willing to trust him after the things he's done as N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s living weapon? Wonder Girl sure isn't, as you'll see when the two of them wind up stranded on a mysterious island after making their escape from the Crucible!"

Meanwhile, "Teen Titans" #10 will explore the mystery of Kid Flash and his connection to Legionnaire Timber Wolf as the rest of the team reflects on the events of "The Culling."

"The teens find themselves thrust into a very unlikely (and awesome and mysterious) locale in issue #10 with no visible means of getting home, which will give them some time to reflect on what they've done. Red Robin, especially, will examine his own culpability in the Culling Affair, and what effect it will have on the continuation of the team as it currently stands," DC Editorial Director Bobbie Chase told The Source. "Kid Flash discovered something unusual - a mystery about his past, in the hands of someone from the 31st Century who seemed to know him! How does Timber Wolf know more about Bart than Bart knows about himself?"

As the Titans struggle to find their way home, it seems the Lost Legionnaires of "Legion Lost" #10 have found their way back to the 31st Century post-"The Culling," according to series editor Brian Cunningham.

"The Lost Legionnaires find their way home to the 31st century! And what they find is the worst thing that could ever happen!" Cunningham told The Source.

Perhaps the book that has the most potential for fallout from "The Culling" is the May 30-launching book from the New 52's "Second Wave," "The Ravagers" #1 with a new cast of characters and a very familiar leader introduced in the pages of "Superboy," Caitlin Fairchild.

"'The Culling' was just the beginning for 'The Ravagers,'" series editor Eddie Berganza told The Source. "Caitlin and crew are in for a hell of a ride, where their survival will be in question each issue-as they try to fight their killer instincts to Ravage!"

"The Ravagers" hits stands on May 30 following "The Culling" mini-event.

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