DC Teases Second Season of Sheriff of Babylon, Possible Title Change

Season two of the Tom King/Mitch Gerads hit Vertigo comic book series "Sheriff of Babylon" is on the way -- and it looks like a title change may come along with it.

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Released via DC press release, the subject line of the email was "Season 2: The Sheriff of ..." and text simply read, "STAY TUNED."

The image is a close-up of the sandy ground in Iraq, where the series takes place, with a sheriff's badge buried in it. Up in the sky, a small plane can be seen heading towards the characters "S2." At the bottom of the image, below the badge are the creators' names (King and Gerads) and the title, "The Sheriff Of," with the final word obstructed from view by the sand.


"The Sheriff of Babylon" is a political crime drama inspired by King's time spent in Iraq working for the CIA. Originally titled "The Sheriff of Baghdad," a unique characteristic that sets the series apart from other comics is the CIA must approve all of King's scripts to assure no military secrets are revealed.

No timetable is given for when Season 2 will begin, but artist Mitch Gerads is solicited to join his "Sheriff" collaborator for an issue of "Batman" in January 2017.

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