DC teases new comic logos -- but who designed them?

Over the past week or so, DC Comics has been parceling out logos for some the titles in its line-wide relaunch, a process goosed along by a little enterprising URL farming by Bleeding Cool and others, and the release of the cover for the July issue of Previews.

So far we've seen logos for Demon Knights, The Fury of Firestorm, Justice League, Justice League Dark, OMAC, Resurrection Man, Stormwatch and Suicide Squad. But what we've yet to glimpse is a designer credit.

Demon Knights, Resurrection Man and Suicide Squad, in particular, look like the handiwork of talented artist Rian Hughes, the designer of such comic-book logos as Batman and Robin, Wednesday Comics, Captain Britain and MI13, Strange Tales and NYC Mech. I emailed Hughes last night to see whether any of the new DC logos are indeed his, but he's yet to respond.

The Justice League logo bears a passing resemblance to Chip Kidd's somewhat divisive designs for All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder and All-Star Superman, but that probably owes to the tilt on the Previews cover. It seems unlikely that Kidd, who created the cover treatments for Final Crisis and the logos for Trinity, handled Justice League.

Check out the released, and leaked, logos after the break. And please contribute any designer credits if you know them.

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