10 DC Villains We Want To See In The Swamp Thing TV Series

With the Swamp Thing TV show coming to the DC Universe streaming service, there's been a lot of speculation as to what direction the series could move in. The Swamp Thing has been a mainstay in DC comics for quite some time, with the character originating in the early 70s. Over the years, Swamp Thing has amassed a number of enemies, a few of which would make for great villains over the course of his TV show. We've taken a look over his rogue's gallery, as well as other villains across the DC Universe, and have decided on ten that we would love to see on the streaming service series in the near future.

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10 Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is, of course, a Batman villain and one that has been adapted in many different ways. The botanist has been a thorn in the side of many of DC's heroes over the years and has one goal in mind; to protect the Earth's plant life at all costs. It seems logical that Swamp Thing and Ivy are to cross paths at some point, and the two might not be friends. While their objectives might be similar, the two do not share the same methods. Ivy is happy to kill innocents in order to fulfill her goal, whereas Swamp Thing has a kinder heart. These plant-based characters are definitely going to clash over their ideals, and we expect a spectacular fight to ensue between them if they are ever to come face to face.

9 Anton Arcane

One of the arch nemeses of the Swamp Thing, it seems only fitting that the scientist and sorcerer Anton Arcane should be featured in the TV show. Obsessed with immortality, Arcane has done a number of experiments that are dangerous and unethical, in order to extend his life. His body can't keep up with it, though, and he has to find a new one in order to survive. He created the Un-Men as a mistake during his experiments, and he believes that Swamp Thing may be the key to his survival. Over the years he has been killed, resurrected, and even found a body in the form of a demon.

8 Cranius

Cranius is the genius right-hand man to Arcane and the leader of the Un-Men. He's an important villain in his own right but often is there to help with Anton's survival. He's even surgically revived his master by removing his brain and planting it into a new body. Despite this, when his master is gone he comes into his own. He's created his own version of the Un-Men and led them to do some dastardly things. He's the sort of villain that would remain in the shadows of a big bad for a while before becoming the real threat in a TV show like this.

7 Floronic Man

The Floronic Man has had a few different adaptations in comics over the years, but all of them have pitted him as an enemy of Swamp Thing. There's also been live action and animated variations on the character as a mad scientist. He's gone by many names, too, including Seeder and Plant Master. A more recent version of Floronic Man saw him using similar powers to Swamp Thing, seemingly for good.

However, upon learning that he is upsetting the balance of nature, he then goes on a bit of a rampage, battling against the master of the forests. He's plotted to kill humankind numerous times, including by changing the makeup of the air so that humans can't breathe anymore. He's a complex character that would make for an interesting villain in the show.

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6 Killer Croc

Another Batman villain which fits right at home in the swamps that the titular hero lives in. Killer Croc has a penitent for murder, a fact that the Swamp Thing isn't too happy about. His mission is to protect both humans and plants, and a monster like Killer Croc stands in the way of that. This human and reptile hybrid has been featured in DC Comics for a number of years and has faced Swamp Thing so many times. He's recently had his own live-action debut in the Suicide Squad, so it wouldn't be too surprising if we could see the character return in some way on the DC Universe platform.

5 Karen Clancey

Karen, who went by the nickname Casey, was a young girl who was held captive by a town that believed she was evil. She possessed telekinetic and telepathic abilities and never talked. She seemed incredibly innocent and only vilified because she was different. Swamp Thing sympathized with the young girl and took care of her. Unfortunately, it seems the town's people were right, as Clancy turned out to be harboring a demon nicknamed "The Beast." She had powers straight from hell and became a very dangerous enemy to Swamp Thing, who was caught off guard by her sudden transformation. This could be a very interesting narrative to explore over a few episodes and show off the plant monster's humanity.

4 Nuke Face

Nuke Face is a mysterious homeless man that can be found around the swamps that Swamp Thing inhabits. He's a man that has an obsession with eating nuclear waste and actually manages to survive it due to some unknown powers. When he touches a living creature, the nuclear radiation can instantly kill it, rotting it away as if a nuclear blast has hit it. He's a deadly opponent and one that only thrives in destruction. His face is heavily scarred from the waste, earning him the nickname Nuke Face. He's a one-off villain for the show that could serve well as a subplot.

3 Naiad

This elemental villain has actually found success against many of DC's finest heroes including Aquaman, Supergirl and of course Swamp Thing. Her ability to control water comes from an aquatic spirit which bonded with a human once she had died. Because of her elemental power, she is one of the four elementals that inhabit Earth. Along with Swamp Thing, at times Firestorm and Red Tornado have served as her equivalents. She often tries to fight off anyone endangering the oceans, with oil rigs becoming the target of her wrath, as her death was caused by one.

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2 Sethe

Sethe is the complete opposite of Swamp Thing. Whereas the guardian of the green brings life, Sethe on the other hand only brings death and decay. They are mortal enemies and designed to fight each other. Sethe has power over the domain of death and actually brings along with him armies of the dead. The character can easily be set up as the big bad of the season and has an array of interesting abilities and visual powers that could make the conflict between the two of them far more intense. He's a character with very little humanity, which only empowers Swamp Thing more.

1 Scarecrow

The final Gotham City villain on this list, Scarecrow and Swamp Thing have come into contact with each other many times before. Scarecrow works off of the biological component of fear, using his toxin in order to mentally torture his victims. Scarecrow often uses elements from Swamp Thing's domain in order to inflict damage. There are many plants that are used in his fear toxins, with a variety of them becoming very poisonous and deadly. Swamp Thing, of course, doesn't want his life used in this way and wishes to protect humanity from someone as evil as Scarecrow. There's an inbuilt dynamic between the two characters, one that would play very well on screen.

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