DC Superhero Movies Will Aim For PG-13 Rating

Warner Bros.' slate of superhero movies may have a darker tone, but don't expect them to move into R-rated territory.

Producer Charles Roven has confirms the announced DC Comics films, from "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" to at least through "Justice League Part Two," are intended to be rated PG-13.

"Right now the movies that we're making, the movies that have been announced by Warner Bros., I would say those are all intended to be PG-13 movies," he told Collider. "I can't tell you something may not come out of left field or we might get inspired to develop a different character, but the ones that are in front of us right now through ['Justice League Part Two' are] PG-13."

Yes, that includes director David Ayer's "Suicide Squad," which Roven previously indicated will try to steer clear of the R rating.

"We really want to make these films tonally consistent so that, as I said because this is a shared universe, at least our current thinking - and again, we're not dealing in absolutes because while this is business it's also a creative endeavor," he said earlier, "so you want to leave yourself open to changing your mind, doing something different, being inspired, that's the whole process of filmmaking is you have to allow for inspiration as well as having a road map for what you're gonna do."

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" opens March 25, followed by "Suicide Squad" on Aug. 5.

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