DC Finally Reveals the Full Truth Behind Krypton's Destruction

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Supergirl #29, from Marc Andreyko, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, Fco Plasencia and Tom Napolitano, on sale now.

Before Brian Michael Bendis took over Superman, his first stop to set up shop was on Man of Steel. Combined, both series have introduced and fleshed out new villain Rogol Zaar as an intergalactic terrorist and someone who has a very personal vendetta against Kal-El.

We found out Krypton destroyed Rogol's people as part of some mysterious agenda, and in return Rogol offered up his services to a shady group called the Circle in order to take Superman's homeworld out. Now, the full truth about Krypton's demise has been disclosed thanks to Supergirl, and it turns out there's a lot more to it than just a massively powerful being gone mad.

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Several issues back, Kara Zor-El left Earth to find out more about how her people were wiped out, her journey landing her in the arms of Z'ndr, a Coluan explorer who's been helping her unlock the secrets of the mad Guardian, Appa Ali Apsa.

It turns out Appa had a strong link to Rogol in the past, using him as a weapon en route to blowing Krypton to smithereens. But Kara's gut instinct told her there was more to this, and since then, she's been on a treasure hunt guided by clues Appa left, all so she could decode his last will and testament. With Rogol's axe in tow, she and Z'ndr assemble all the pieces of the puzzle, and Appa's hologram finally spills the beans, revealing Rogol didn't do it alone -- he had help thanks to someone from a cosmic cabal. What's more, it involved the use of a weapon that belonged to none other than Zor-El -- Kara's father.

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Before he gets into the specifics, Appa tries to absolve himself of some blame as he reveals the Circle was only trying to take down planets that had become too strong or war-mongering for their own good. Rogol's extremism was the ideal cover-up for these pre-emptive strikes, but when Krypton's name came up, the Circle voted no. However, one member, Empress Gandelo, harbored a grudge against the planet, and employed Rogol for this purpose without anyone else knowing.

She had been destroying planets off the record, and with Krypton in her crosshairs, she stole and repurposed one of Zor-El's weapons, giving the bomb to Rogol. This enabled him to destroy Krypton for good, finally achieving his sole purpose of revenge.

With Rogol also inspiring a cult, Gandelo doubles down on the assault by hiring them to eradicate Supergirl as well, which leaves the hero and Z'ndr in dire straits. It remains to be seen just what motivated her to become partners with Rogol, but clearly, Gandelo wants the last remnants of Krypton gone forever, no matter the cost.

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Now that she knows the truth, Kara's goal will obviously be to tell Superman. After all, he deserves to know the entire story and how the galaxy was reshaped by this secret society. It also opens the question of whether they'll track down the remaining members of the Circle. As Appa mentioned, no matter how much he sought redemption, he knew all their hands were permanently stained with the blood of millions. When she gets out of this debacle, one thing's certain: Supergirl and her cousin have a mission of vengeance looming on the horizon.

Supergirl #30 goes on sale May 8.

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