DC's Super Sons Canceled, Final Issue Arrives in May

Peter J. Tomasi and Jorge Jimenez's Super Sons title -- which launched as a part of DC Comics' Rebirth initiative -- will come to a close in May with issue #16.

Though an official announcement was not included in DC's May 2018 solicits, its wording and Jimenez's cover led many to believe the title was canceled. Tomasi confirmed the news on his Twitter account Tuesday night, while also adding that low sales are not to blame for the cancellation. He added that he is not through penning the adventures of Superboy and Robin.

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Super Sons features Jonathan Kent and Damian Wayne learning to work together, with their high-profile fathers (Superman and Batman respectively) acting as mentors for the young duo. The series instantly became a hit with fans, as they got to watch the enthusiastic Jonathan begin to rub off on his brooding teammate Damian. Super Sons' current story arc brings Damian's mother Talia al Ghul into the series for the first time, as she looks to recruit her son back into the family business.

Robin and Superboy's friendship grew even tighter during the "Super Sons of Tomorrow" crossover between Super SonsSuperman and Teen Titans. The storyline involved the Batman of Tomorrow traveling to the present day to kill Jonathan, with the goal of preventing his nightmare timeline from happening. Aside from Superman, Robin was one of the only heroes to stick up for Superboy, even putting his life on the line to save his friend.


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Below is Jorge Jimenez's final cover for Super Sons #16, along with the title's full solicitation text.


  • Written by PETER J. TOMASI
  • Cover by JORGE JIMENEZ
  • Variant cover by DUSTIN NGUYEN
  • “END OF INNOCENCE” part two! The epic battle between the Super Sons and Kid Amazo crashes to a close, and Superboy and Robin must decide how to pick up the pieces of the disastrous Amazo Project. The Super Sons face tomorrow in this latest chapter of their journey together!
  • On sale MAY 30 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

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