DC Super Hero Girls Get Weird (Science) in Digital First Comics Series

The young DC heroes of DC Super Hero Girls are jumping from cartoons to comics pages once again in the new miniseries DC Super Hero Girls: Weird Science.

The digital-first comic is set in the same continuity as the popular DC Super Hero Girls animated series, created by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's Lauren Faust.

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This all-ages series follows Zatanna, as the magic-using hero struggles to help her superhero friends out in  Metropolis High’s science fair. As hi-jinks ensue, Zatanna is forced to question whether her magic is causing her friends' science projects to off the rails as more science-inclined heroes like Batgirl and Jessica Cruz's Green Lantern try to outdo each other.

Weird Science is penned by Amanda Deibert (Teen Titans Go!, John Carpenter's Tales for a Halloween Night and Batman and Harley Quinn). Art duties on the 14-issue series will be handled by a rotating roster of artists that includes Yancey Labat, Agnes Garbowska and Erich Owen.

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DC: Super Hero Girls: Weird Science is released weekly on digital comics platforms by DC Comics. Check out a preview of the first issue, which is on sale now, below.

DC Super Hero Girls #1, by Amanda Deibert and Yancey Labat, is on sale now, on digital comics platforms.

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