DC: 10 of the Strongest Romantic Relationships in the DC Universe

Comic book couples can be fickle in their consistencies and are sometimes by design that this happens. For many characters, hearing wedding bells one minute can turn into the sound breaking of a heart the next. Nevertheless, there are some characters who are known to be happily married to either a civvie or their crime-fighting partner, while others have been fortunate enough to have kept their relationship alive.

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In a world of continuity changes, these characters are the exception to the rule, and it is here where we turn to ten examples of the strongest romantic relationships in the DC Universe.

10 Artemis and Red-hood (Jason Todd)

For anyone following the Rebirth revitalizations to Red-hood and the Outlaws, there was no dismissing the blossoming romance between Jason Todd and Artemis Grace. The two may have initially distrusted one another, but with time they start to nourish the tightly knit bonds that begin to grow between them.

Even though they have only recently confessed to their feelings, and currently are separated by interdimensional physics, they are nevertheless seen as committed to keeping their relationship alive through their efforts towards reuniting with one another.

9 Animal Man (Buddy Baker) and Ellen Frazier

The relationship between Buddy Baker (aka Animal Man) and Ellen Frazier is very different from most pairings within the DC Universe because it is a generally stable one. While it is certainly true that the two have faced continuity alteration in the past,  Ellen and Buddy are nevertheless consistently written together as a married couple that started out as high-school sweethearts.

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Ellen and Buddy also reflect a traditionalist example of marriage, where the two maintain a balance between superhero adventures as well as those that were had while raising their children. Their marriage might seem outdated currently, but to each their own, right?

8 Bumble Bee (Karen Duncan) and Herald (Malcolm Duncan)

Like the last couple, Bumble Bee and Herald (or Karen and Malcolm, respectively) are usually written together, to the point that the two later married. The two even have a child they somehow raise despite the difficulties they have had to face as Titans.

Nevertheless, it is how these two adjust to the circumstances, which they later overcome, that emphasizes their strengths as a couple. All efforts are worthwhile for them in the end, however, because they eventually retire in peace.

7 Miss Martian and Superboy (Conner Kent)

Many of the couples introduced in Young Justice have either evolved or died out over the years. Despite this, however, M’gann and Conner have managed to not only keep their relationship from dissipating but have avoided death itself; a hurdle that others have had to face themselves.

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M’gann and Conner’s relationship is a compelling one, overall, though, because the two often work together to heal the emotional wounds they have encountered over the years, which leaves their relationship stronger than ever. Here’s hoping, then, the two will finally tie the knot.

6 Liberty Bell (Jesse Chambers) and Hourman (Rick Tyler)

Many comic book relationships suffer due to the strain of both maintaining a personal life, as well as a crime-fighting one. Jesse and Rick differed in this regard, however, because they’ve combined the two together as members of the JSA.

Jesse and Rick are not always seen together, but that might be because the two trusts in each other’s ability enough to defend themselves, as well as each other. At the end of the day, however, the two prioritize their love above all else and happily retire after Jesse becomes pregnant with their son.

5 Midnighter (Lucas Trent) and Apollo

Many couples in the DC Universe who work together decidedly reserve their emotional love, so that they can ensure their identity is protected. For Midnighter and Apollo, though, dualities are not nearly as influential as the passion that each they share for one another.

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Whether it is in battle or not, Midnighter and Apollo are not shy when it comes to expressing their love; yet it might be this very quality that allows for them to risk life and limb for each other. In other instances, this may be a recipe for disaster, but in the context of these two, it is a source energy that keeps them going.

4 Mister Miracle (Scott Free) and Big Barda

Love can be found in the most unlikely of scenarios. For Big Barda and Scott Free, however, this concept was what defined their little meet-cute- having met as slaves living in the literal pits of Apocalypse.

Together, however, they would work towards escape, where they would journey to Earth, eventually realize their love for one another, and then marry. Even though the truce between New Genesis and Apocalypse was broken as a result of their escape, Scott and Barda fight tooth and nail to maintain the strong relationship between them that had allotted them their freedom.

3 Elongated Man (Ralph Dibny) and Sue Dibny

The relationship between Ralph and Sue was a sweet and loving one from beginning to end. Sue had left behind her wealthy roots to join Ralph in his adventures, as well as become his partner in crime during investigations. Joined at the hip, Ralph and Sue would enter into the JSA together, where the two would face off missions as a unit.

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Unfortunately, both Ralph and Sue would die following the complicated events of Identity Crisis and 52. Following their deaths, however, they would continue to live as ghost detectives- a symbolic testament of their everlasting love.

2 Flash (Wally West) and Linda Park

Though at first distant, Linda and Wally eventually grew fond of each other the more time they spent as a superhero and investigate reporter duo. In time they would marry, but the challenges thrown towards the couple would test their resilience. Even still, it would all culminate with them being absorbed into the Speed Force.

Regardless of this, there was perhaps no greater challenge for them than the decision Wally later had, during Titans Rebirth- keep this speed force nirvana he had with his wife or leave to save the Titans. In the end, though, the strength of their relationship was confirmed, when Linda convinces Wally to leave, saying in so many words that if he truly loved her, then he would let her go.

1 Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Compared to the other couples, it seems strange that Harley and Ivy would hold top billing as the two have rarely experienced any obstacles in their relationship. The two are usually seen together, no matter what the situation, and are usually happy.

Nevertheless, it is simultaneously true that the two are consistently kept apart, due to the direction of their stories. Unlike Wally and Linda, however, the relationship between Harley and Ivy is built on a foundation of reassurance, that they always come back to one another They deserve the top spot, then, because of their security in knowing that their partner will always be there for them- even when they are on different sides, or just in a sperate location. Now, that’s commitment.

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