DC: 10 Most Powerful Members of The Secret Six

There have been many different teams for both heroes and villains in the DC Comics Universe. From the Justice League and Doom Patrol to the Suicide Squad and Legion of Doom, there are so many times heroes and villains bond to fight their opponents. One such team is the Secret Six.

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A team with an ever-revolving roster, the Secret Six has featured both villains and anti-heroes, depending on who joins the team and who is leading it. With such a large history of members, let’s take a look at the ten most powerful members of the Secret Six.

10 Ventriloquist

There have been a few versions of the Ventriloquist in DC Comics, most notably Arnold Wesker and his dummy Scarface. However, the first member of the Secret Six that earns a place on this team has to be Shauna Belzer, the third Ventriloquist from the New 52 era of DC Comics.

Bullied and ignored by her classmates and parents thanks to twin brother Ferdie, she discovers her ability to move things with her mind, leading her to end her brother’s life, and later her parents after discovering her doll, Ferdie. After being captured and trapped by Mockingbird, aka The Riddler, with the other team members, they form the New Secret Six.

9 Cheshire

One popular DC villainess that appeared in the Secret Six has to be Cheshire. Otherwise known as Jade Nguyen, Cheshire is a skilled assassin who arrived in the Post-Crisis era. She is a long-standing rival of the Teen Titans but, eventually, she and Roy Harper tried to turn her to the U.S. government’s side in a mission. But, after falling in love with her, he left, knowing he couldn’t persuade her. They ended up having a daughter.

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Cheshire is later seen in the Villains United series, joining the Secret Six after being blackmailed by Mockingbird. She eventually has an affair with Catman, becomes pregnant, leaves the team and betrays them to Lex Luthor’s Society.

8 Black Alice

One tragic figure who joined the Secret Six has to be Black Alice, aka Lori Zechlin. A young teenage girl who’s mother tragically takes her own life, Lori discovers shortly after that she had the ability to absorb and take the powers of other magical based heroes and villains, but her power is uncontrollable.

Wanting revenge on the criminals who drove her mother to do what she did, she sets off on a mission of revenge but is eventually stopped by the Birds of Prey, who takes her to Doctor Fate for guidance. Later she joins the Secret Six, enjoying the violence she unleashes, worrying Catman.

7 Scandal Savage

One interesting character who joined the Secret Six was Scandal Savage, the daughter of supervillain Vandal Savage and an unknown woman in Brazil. She was raised in the country but trained by her father in combat since her childhood. Eventually, Lex Luthor blackmailed her into joining the Secret Six, using them as pawns to fight his own Society.

Later, he freed them, revealing the blackmail to be all lies, but she felt at home with the team. She decided to officially join the team that had become her family, and even fell in love with a woman on the team named Knockout.

6 Harley Quinn

If there is one villain who fits the bill for this team and, despite having no powers, is powerful enough to scare most of the DC Universe then it's Harley Quinn. Harley, the former sidekick and love interest of the Joker turned anti-hero and vigilante, is unpredictable and is known for stirring the pot when unnecessary.

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The Birds of Prey series revealed Harley as the sixth and final member of the Secret Six. However a couple of issues later, she discovers video evidence of Deadshot ending the life of the Secret Six’s benefactor, causing her to leave the team.

5 Giganta

One villain who had a sad and brutal story in the team’s history has to be Giganta. Otherwise known as Dr. Doris Zeul, Giganta was diagnosed with a serious blood disease and had become a villain of Wonder Woman after trying to put her life essence into the hero.

Years later after Giganta’s career took off, she was hired by none other than Bane to become a member of the Secret Six. Another member was the size-shrinking villain Dwarfstar, who ended up becoming her enemy. As she was dating Ryan Choi, she was unaware Dwarfstar had been hired to end Ryan’s life. When she discovered this, she lured the villain into a trap, capturing him.

4 Strix

An interesting character in the team’s history has to be Strix, aka Mary Turner. Mary was caught in an explosion in a series of bombs sent by Japanese soldiers during WWII, leaving her scarred and broken. However, she managed to rise up through the ranks of the Court of Owls, and became one of their Talons.

After being defeated by Batgirl during the Night of the Owls storyline, she was asked to join Batgirl’s Birds of Prey, but soon after when the team split apart, she was asked to join the Secret Six, making it her third organization in the DC Universe.

3 King Shark

One of the more powerful villains to join the team has to be King Shark. In the same league as Solomon Grundy and Gorilla Grodd in terms of strength, King Shark, aka Nanaue in Hawaii, was a shark humanoid born to the King of All Sharks, aka the Shark God.

His first battle actually was with Superboy, who had gone to Hawaii and discovered a series of missing people linked to King Shark. He was later forced to join the Suicide Squad and forced to work alongside Superboy. He eventually became the newest member of the Suicide Squad, alongside Strix.

2 Catman

One of the longest-running members of the team has to be Catman. Originally a big game hunter and trapper, he squandered his millions and decided to become Catman, turning to a life of crime. He mimicked Catwoman’s crimes by stealing cat-themed items and framing her for one of his crimes, leading to her and Batman teaming up to stop him.

After being reduced to a gimmick and a villain everyone made fun of, Catman joined the Secret Six after he rejected Luthor’s offer to join his Society, which led to the lions he was living with being slaughtered.

1 Bane

The strongest as well as possibly the most ruthless, trained and feared villain of Batman (aside from Joker) has to be Bane, who started his own Secret Six. A longtime foe of Batman who uses a chemical known as Venom to gain superhuman strength, he soon joins, and later becomes the leader, of the Secret Six.

Originally a background character during dialogue, Bane soon showed his prowess and that he had come to truly care for fellow teammate Scandal Savage, treating her as a daughter and fearing for her safety. Later, he assumed control of the team, leading to a confrontation between the two.

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