DC: The 10 Strongest Characters In All Of The Multiverses

Marvel may have Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet, but the DC Universe is no stranger to characters whose power levels are off the charts. After all, this is the company that gave the world the original super-powered hero in Superman.

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As their Universe spread into a Multiverse, new and newly reimagined characters stepped up to make even the Man of Steel look weak by comparison- no small feat to be sure! From Elseworlds to Earth-Prime, and whether alien, god, demon or abstract concept taking a humanoid form, here are The 10 Strongest Characters In All Of DC’s Multiverses.

10 Anti-Life Equation Darkseid

The ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid is a being of immense immortal power, capable of superhuman strength, flight, energy manipulation, and telekinesis. A literal God, Darkseid is also master of the Omega Beams, a devastating that force that inevitably removes its target from existence. As powerful as he is, Darkseid craves knowledge of the Anti-Life Equation, which would give him the power to dominate the minds of all sentient life in the universe and make him truly indomitable.

He achieved this goal during Final Crisis, bending heroes like Wonder Woman to his will and nearly destroying and reshaping all of reality into his image. Darkseid alone is powerful enough, but a Darkseid in possession of the Anti-Life Equation is one of the most powerful destructive forces in all the DC Multiverse.

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9 Superman-Prime (Superman of the 853rd Century)

The general public may still believe Superman to be the most powerful comic book character ever, but fans know different. Multiple persons and entities in the DC Universe are vastly more powerful than modern incarnations of the Man of Steel, but that doesn’t mean the Big Blue Boy Scout has always been a slouch in the power department. After all, the Silver Age Supes could push planets around with his finger and Superboy-Prime could alter reality with his punches.

The most powerful incarnation of the Last Son of Krypton to date is Superman-Prime. Having survived to the 853rd century by setting up the Fortress of Solitude in the middle of a yellow sun, this Superman has spent millennia drinking in its rays, becoming one of the most powerful individuals in all the DC Universe.

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8 Imperiex

A destroyer of cosmic proportions, Imperiex engages in a cycle of destroying the universe when he sees fit and raising it again from its own ashes. A being of pure entropy, the character made his debut during Our Worlds At War, where he set his sights squarely on Earth. The ensuing battles caused the deaths of several heroes like Aquaman, eight million Earth inhabitants, and hundreds of billions in the DC cosmos.

A particularly memorable indicator of his strength was his utter obliteration of Doomsday, leaving only his skeleton behind. Defeated only by transporting him to and disintegrating him in our universe’s Big Bang, Imperiex is a force beyond reproach.

7 The Anti-Monitor

When DC decided to revamp its continuity, the editors realized they would need a new and super powerful cosmic ‘Big Bad’ to do away with its multiverses. The creation of the Anti-Monitor, a being forged in the anti-matter universe and intent on destroying all the positive ones, fit the bill nicely.

In Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Anti-Monitor succeeded in his ultimate goal and reduced all DC’s multiverses to one reality before his defeat. The sheer scope of this accomplishment, as well as keeping all those universes' respective heroes at bay, required unfathomable power, proving the Anti-Monitor is one of the few in the DC Multiverse who can wield it.

6 The Spectre

The living embodiment of God’s vengeance on Earth, the Spectre is easily one of the most powerful entities in the DC Multiverse. The entity is so powerful, it needs to be bonded to a human soul to keep it in check, and even then, it is capable of spectacular feats, such as the destruction of an entire country and the literal holding apart of two universes.

Were it not for the limitations of its human host (in most incarnations, rugged cop Jim Corrigan) imposed on it by The Presence, the Spectre’s power would be unparalleled.

5 Barbatos

Originally created to destroy universes deemed unfit for survival in the Dark Multiverse, Barbatos rebelled against his creator and instead ruled over the entirety of the Dark Multiverse itself. Unsatisfied with that, Barbatos looked to enter the main DC Multiverse and overtake that as well.

To do so, he used his army of Dark Multiverse Batmen, led by the twisted and evil Batman Who Laughs, to corrupt the current Batman and use him as a conduit to enter the ‘Light’ Multiverse. Immensely powerful, Barbatos is a Multiverse-conquering menace whose power is outweighed by few.

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4 Doctor Manhattan

When Jon Osterman was caught in an experimental quantum physics chamber and was torn apart, his body eventually reformed into the blue-skinned Doctor Manhattan, the only truly super-powered individual in the Watchmen universe. Since his power involved control and manipulation of energy and matter at a quantum level, there was nothing Manhattan couldn’t do: he could travel forward and backward in time, duplicate himself, and kill at a moment’s whim.

Eventually losing all semblance of a human soul, Manhattan left his universe for the main DC one, in an effort to learn what he could about the nature of reality. He has since been responsible for the multiverse-recreating, Crisis-level events of Flashpoint, Rebirth, and the still-running Doomsday Clock, reforming universes, worlds, and histories- proving himself a being of incalculable power.

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3 The Endless

Existing both as part of the universe and outside of it, the Endless are the personification of seven universal concepts of existence: Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium. The most famous of these is Dream, whose Neil Gaiman-penned, 75 issue run in Sandman is by all accounts a modern classic of the genre, and progenitor of the Vertigo imprint.

Despite their continuity not being hampered by the confines of the regular DC Multiverse, the Endless have appeared in some form or other in mainstream titles. When they do, they are capable of almost anything, as they both frame the rules of the universe and are unbound by them, thereby granting them unlimited power to do whatever they wish.

2 Lucifer

Spinning out of the pages of the Sandman comes Lucifer, the eponymous one-time ruler of Hell who abdicated his throne to open up a piano bar in Los Angeles. Having grown tired of the responsibilities and expectations of being The Adversary diminished none of Lucifer’s might, however, and his list of abilities reads like an encyclopedia list of superhuman powers.

Capable of doing anything, the one thing that eludes him is spontaneous creation- the ability to literally create something from nothing- which has been a major focus of his both in the comics and on his TV show.

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1 The Presence

Due to the Comics Code Authority of the 1950s, comics were prohibited from depicting representations of the divine that could offend any particular religious group. To sidestep this, DC Comics created The Presence, who for all intents and purposes, is the Judeo-Christian God, albeit appearing as an older gentleman in a bowler hat.

The Presence is often alluded to having taken other forms as well and is heavily implied to be the power beyond the Source Wall. Literally capable of anything, The Presence is the strongest force in the DC Multiverse, however, he has opted to abandon his creation, charging his niece, Elaine Belloc, to oversee it.

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