Whole New Worlds Of DC: 5 Projects Confirmed To Hit Screens, 5 Rumored (And 5 That Are Impossible)

After the middling failure of the DCEU, Warner Bros went back to the drawing board with DC to have a different plan regarding its live-action movies. The decision was, then, to rebrand the DCEU as Worlds of DC and include all sorts of standalone stories rather than throwing together big crossovers. This has paved the way for original stories to be developed for this universe as well as writers drawing more from the comics without affecting the cinematic universe. Likewise, the animated side of DC movies has also made good use of alternate realities. With releases like Batman Ninja and Gotham By Gaslight, there is a lot of potential for future films that have alternate takes on DC's popular characters. As a result, Warner Bros has already announced a few upcoming movies, both animated and live-action, that will take place in realities separate from one another.

In the rise of these adjacent adaptations and standalone stories, there has been talk from some of the people that work there about future stories that could be used. It seems that new universes are the name of the game when it comes to DC properties making the jump to the big screen now. Some interesting stories have been thrown around in regards to what movies to do in the future. When discussing which stories to use, though, there are some that would be practically impossible to adapt. With all that said, we're looking at five stories that are confirmed for screens, five that are rumored, and five that are impossible to make.


Fatal Five Superman

Warner Bros announced its slate of animated movies for 2019, and one on the list is Justice League Vs. the Fatal Five. The Fatal Five are villains commonly known for fighting the Legion of Superheroes (a team that hasn't been confirmed to appear in the movie), so there's a slight change in the source material for the upcoming film.

It's not abundantly clear whether it will tie into the DC Animated Universe or not, but it's likely that it could be more of a standalone story. If the Legion of Superheroes is involved, there could be more reason to make the movie a one-off.


JLA Avengers

After the release of the animated movie, Wonder Woman, in 2009, Toon Zone News had an interview with the makers of the movie and asked them about what outside character they'd like to bring into their universe. Bruce Timm explained that he'd love to an adaptation of JLA/Avengers, which was a comic that brought the Justice League and Avengers in the same world.

Timm went on to say that the scale of such a project would be difficult, as the rights of characters are all over the place, and it would be challenging to even get approval to use all of them.



Some of the most memorable Elseworlds stories take simple concepts and change just a few details. Superman: Speeding Bullets had Clark Kent adopted by the Wayne family, who had no biological son. After Joe Chill did his work, Clark became Batman, but with the powers of Superman.

Adapting a story like this would be nigh impossible to pull off. Advertising would be difficult, as it would be easy to confuse viewers about the film. Furthermore, it wasn't a large story, meaning that it would risk having the same problem as The Killing Joke movie, where things were added to pad out the runtime.


With Warner Bros' announcement that the DCEU would become the Worlds of DC, it revealed that a solo movie starring the Joker would take place in an alternate reality, having nothing to do with Jared Leto's version. The Joker film will star Joaquin Phoenix, and plenty of shots and teaser footage has already been released about his take.

The movie is set to be an origin story for the Clown Prince of Crime, with many speculating that it will take inspiration from The Killing Joke. The film, if successful, could be the first of many Elseworlds films in Warner Bros' slate for the next few years.


Red Son Superman cover

When Justice League: War kicked off the new DC Animated Universe, there were already talks of Elseworlds adaptations in the future. James Tucker, one of the people who worked on War, revealed that there had been discussion about an animated adaptation of Superman: Red Son during an interview with Toon Zone News.

The reason that it wasn't worked on at the time was that DC and Warner Bros were more focused on establishing their animated universe. Now that movies like Gotham By Gaslight and The Killing Joke have been released, it seems that we could be closer than ever to seeing a film version of the Man of Steel in Soviet Russia.


"JLA: Created Equal" was a story where some mysterious disease wiped out every male on the planet except Superman and Lex Luthor. The Man of Steel had a son with Lois Lane but, fearing that he caused the disease in the first place, Clark left the planet for several years.

It was then that Luthor tried to manipulate the male population to try and take over the world. This story would be nearly impossible to adapt largely because of that 15-year time gap. There are few efficient ways to adapt this plot device on-screen, and it rarely works. Furthermore, the concept itself doesn't seem to be deep enough to warrant a full-length feature film.


After the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros talked about a solo movie starring Batman. While the project was originally in the hands of Ben Affleck to both direct and star in, it has since moved through a lot of hands before ending up with Matt Reeves.

Later on, it was confirmed that The Batman would be a new take on the Dark Knight, with Reeves looking for a new star to don the cowl. Having little if any connection to the previous movies starring Affleck's Batman, Reeves seems to want a more original take on the character, taking inspiration from classic noir films.



Batman Beyond remains one of the most beloved animated DC shows of all time, depicting a younger Dark Knight in the future. In an interview with MTV, Bruce Timm stated that there had been a lot of talk about a reunion film for Batman Beyond. However, he also said that it would be a long time before that project was ever completed.

In the same interview, Timm also stated that "Hush" wouldn't make for a great animated movie, and now we know that an animated adaptation is being released. It's possible that the Batman Beyond film could be on the cards now for Warner Bros.



Kingdom Come is one of the best Elseworlds series of all time. It revolved around a future where a new superhero arose and had no problems with stepping over the line. This presented a moral dilemma for all pre-existing superheroes that caused them to disagree on the issue. On top of having an interesting ideal, it was also one of the best-looking comics thanks to the work of Alex Ross.

However, DC has revealed, despite how great the comic is, why Kingdom Come would never be a film. The biggest reason is that there is something lost without the Ross' artwork, and it's something that it couldn't replicate with animation. On top of that, the scale is much too great.


Teen Titans (2003)

After the release of Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, it was revealed that its success would be related to whether the original Teen Titans show would see a revival. At the end of the film, a post-credit scene showed the original Titans stating that they "found a way back."

That tease has finally paid off, with a teaser video being released that confirms the original Teen Titans will be returning in a crossover with the Teen Titans Go. Whether it ends up being a TV special or a full animated feature, Teen Titans Go! Vs Teen Titans is expected to release in 2019 and fans of the original couldn't be more excited.


When DC and Warner Bros were trying to decide on what the next Superman movie would be (years after the poorly-received Superman IV: The Quest for Peace), they threw around an idea penned by J.J. Abrams. Titled Superman: Flyby, this film would be a new take on the Man of Steel, involving a Kryptonian civil war.

With Kal-El coming to Earth, the civil war would follow him and bring Earth in the crossfire. However, the idea was scrapped in favor of Superman Returns. However, in an interview with Collider, Geoff Johns revealed that he had looked toward some of the canceled movie ideas for future animated projects, including Superman: Flyby.


"Ring of Evil" was an Elseworlds story that took place a few decades after World War II. Evil had summoned a demon that gave them a mysterious ring, and it led to some of the Lanterns siding with the powered-up Germans. Causing a dissension between Lanterns Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan, and John Stewart, is was a unique take on the Lantern mythos.

However, it's not something that would work well on screen, as bringing that kind of evil back with the Lanterns would be too ridiculous of a concept to interest many viewers. As of right now, anything related to World War II would likely be linked to Wonder Woman.


Of all the animated movies that Warner Bros announced for 2019, there is one that has a big question mark surrounding it -- Wonder Woman: Bloodlines. Described as a solo and original Wonder Woman story, all expectations have been thrown out the window. Some have speculated that it takes place in some other reality, others have theorized that it would be in the DC Animated Universe but loosely connected to other properties.

Whatever the end result is, we'll have to wait until 2019 to see how the movie plays out. Either way, fans of Wonder Woman should be excited at the very prospect of an original story.


Several years ago, Warner Bros announced Dark Universe, which was a Justice League Dark movie with Guillermo Del Toro serving as its director. Del Toro revealed to Collider that the movie was set to take place in a "very different universe" where the characters would already be well-established.

With the middling success of the DC movies, there hasn't been much talk about the Justice League Dark film. It's still rumored to be in development, but without any proper announcements, its fate is up in the air. With the move to Worlds of DC, it's possible that the film could simply be completely reworked into its own Elseworlds story.


Every good comic book character deserves an adaptation set in the wild west. That's exactly what the Justice League received in the "Justice Riders" Elseworlds comic. Featuring some familiar and obscure faces, it was a brief look at what a western-inspired DC Universe would look like.

The reason that such a story wouldn't work for a movie is that, for starters, it only takes place in a single issue, not leaving much content to adapt. Secondly, such a drastic shift in the animated universe has yet to be attempted. Trying to sell a western Justice League movie without Batman or Superman wouldn't be the best way to start.

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