6 Amazing DC Statues Coming Soon To Entertainment Earth!

We're always keeping an eye on what's coming from comic book collectibles, and one of our favorite places to get ahold of some great collectibles is Entertainment Earth, which offers free shipping on any pre-orders over a certain amount, which can save fans a ton of money when buying great statues like these.

Today we wanted to focus on some great new DC releases that are slated to hit stores either at the end of this year or moving into next, which means you could be the first to get some of these limited collectible statues!

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The Dynamic Duo is an obvious addition to any DC collection and these pieces from Tweeterhead showcase Batman and Robin in Gotham City approved poses as they perch atop gargoyles while their capes blow in the wind.

These statues can be bought separately but were designed to be posed together in various ways, allowing you to customize your collection the way you want. This particular Batman statue is actually the "Black and Grey" variant, so you can also get the classic 70's "Blue and Grey Yellow Oval" costume as well.


Batman and Robin don't have to patrol the rooftops alone, as Tweeterhead has sculpted a classic Batgirl statue that fits alongside the previously mentioned Batman and Robin statues. Barbara Gordon in her original Batgirl costume stands at around 16 inches tall and would look great on her own or with the rest of the Gotham Knights.

And while Billy Batson/Shazam doesn't often patrol the rooftops of Gotham, this amazing statue features the World's Mightiest Mortal post-transformation, as his magical lightning flares up around him. This piece is a beautifully detailed sculpt that any fan of the hero formerly known as Captain Marvel will appreciate.


Grand Jester Studios make dynamic statues that focus on capturing the energy of the characters with detailed sculpts and a unique grasp of the action that can often define our favorite heroes. This beautiful Wonder Woman statue features Diana as she stands victoriously atop the ruins of the battle, spear in hand.

The Superman figure features an exciting pose as he dramatically hoists the shattered Daily Planet globe above him as his cape blows in the ever-present wind. Wonder Woman measures around 19 inches tall and Superman clocks in at around 22 inches, meaning both would stand tall in any DC fans' collection.

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