DC Signs Javier Fernández & Jorge Jiménez to Exclusive Deals

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Javier Fernández and Jorge Jiménez are the latest artists to net exclusivity deals with DC Comics. Fernández is best known for his art in “Nightwing,” while Jiménez caught the publisher's eye with his work on “Superman” and the upcoming “Super Sons.” Both have signed exclusivity contracts for the DC Comics and Vertigo imprints.

"Super Sons" art by Jorge Jiménez

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“Nightwing! How could I not be excited when I was asked to work on something like that,” Fernández said in a press release. “When DC asked me to redesign one of the most iconic costumes, I knew exactly what Nightwing would look like. Professionally, it’s hard to find something that I have been looking forward to more than the chance to create stories in Gotham with one of the most beloved characters at DC. I love my job.”

Bob Harras, DC Comics’ Editor-in-Chief, said Fernández brought Grayson back in a new, modern way in keeping with the character’s origins. As for Jiménez, Jim Lee, Entertainment Publisher at DC Comics, said the artist has perfectly captured Superman’s character after the events of DC Rebirth, in which the Man of Steel is raising a son, Jon, with his wife, Lois Lane.

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"Nightwing" art by Javier Fernández

“DC has made me feel at home over the years,” said Jiménez. “I remember my first work on the 'Fringe' series. I was extremely nervous but also very excited; I wanted to prove that I wasn’t just passing through, that I had come to stay, and to eventually realize my dream to draw Superman. Now time has passed, my projects with DC have been increasingly important, and I’ve not only seen the day when I’m drawing 'Superman,' but this year I had the opportunity to design Superman’s son. The fan reaction has been incredible. Thank you!”

Fernández and Jiménez aren’t the only talent DC Comics has scooped up recently. The comic book publisher also snagged artists like Bruno Redondo for his work on “Injustice 2,” Liam Sharp from “Wonder Woman,” and Andy Kubert from “Dark Knight III.” Amanda Conner, James Tynion IV and Dan Abnett are just a few of the writers DC Comics has hired on lately.

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Jiménez’s “Super Sons” imagines the sons of Superman and Batman, Superboy and Robin, respectively, coming together to fight crime. The series promises a new villain that is poised to parallel the boys’ own understanding of their abilities. “Super Sons” #1 goes on sale February 15, 2017. The next issue of "Nightwing" also hits stands on February 15.

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