DC Signs Dave Gibbons to Two-Year Exclusive

Official Press Release

Dave Gibbons, acclaimed writer and artist of the upcoming original VERTIGO hardcover graphic novel THE ORIGINALS, has signed a two-year exclusive agreement with DC Comics.

"For the past 20 years, I've felt like part of the DC family," says Gibbons. "Probably 90% of my U.S. work has been for DC, so I thought it was time for us to move in together, so to speak. When I was growing up, DC Comics were my favorites - they were always the comics company. There are some interesting plans afoot in the DCU. After THE ORIGINALS comes out, I'll get a chance to be a part of that, which is something that's creatively very exciting, and as a dyed-in-the-wool fan I am just thrilled."

"Dave's the man," says Karen Berger, VP - Executive Editor, VERTIGO. "With THE ORIGINALS, his phenomenal original graphic novel, he's proven that he's an artist and a writer to be reckoned with. It's wonderful to have Dave 'officially' part of the family, and we look forward to more provocative and powerful stories from him."

"Dave's always been an artistic force for DC in the past, and we're happy to have him as part of DC's creative resurgence," says Dan DiDio, DC's VP - Editorial.

THE ORIGINALS is scheduled to arrive in stores in October, and will be advance-solicited in the July issue of Previews (Volume XIV #7).

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