DC Ships Free Copies of "Fallen Angel" #1 to Retailers

Official Press Release

On September 9, retailers will receive free copies of a special new printing of DC Comics' FALLEN ANGEL #1 (PROM60034), featuring the first story from the FALLEN ANGEL TP (APR040304). This issue, which features the words "This issue free" on the cover, is written by Peter David, with art by David Lopez & Fernando Blanco and cover art by Brian Stelfreeze. The issue also includes a letter to readers from David.

This edition of FALLEN ANGEL #1 is provided to retailers in quantities equal to half of their initial orders of HELLBLAZER #200 (JUL040693).

"I am very pleased that DC feels that FALLEN ANGEL is worth the time, consideration and energy for this extra promotional step," says David. "Part of it stems from the nearly unanimous critical raves the series has gotten, and part from DC's knowing that upcoming issues will answer a lot of questions. As for the much-debated background of the Fallen Angel herself, well... let's just say that the final panel of issue #18 should pretty much point the way, once and for all, in the direction of her true origins. By giving readers a second look at series' start, DC is inviting and urging readers who missed it the first time to give it a try."

Here's what the critics are saying about FALLEN ANGEL:

"Some of Peter David's finest work in comics. The mysterious setting of Bete Noire is a fascinating creation, the cast of characters delightfully morally ambiguous..." - thefourthrail.com

"Worth my money every month... DC's best kept secret." - aintitcoolnews.com

"...the best book out there you aren't reading. The characters are intense and exciting." - 4colorreview.com

"Books like FALLEN ANGEL ensure I will be continuing to read comics for a long time." - 411mania.com

"Every issue is packed with enough twists, surprises, action, and psychological tension to make a therapist seek mental help. If you can find another title with more bang for your buck every month, let me know." - Paperbackreader.com

"You wouldn't expect this dark writing from a guy famous for his humor and puns. But David has pulled it off, showing he's a lot more versatile - and a lot more serious - than anyone else thinks. - stupidscifi.com

"...the most mature, twisted, deep and emotional book Peter David has ever written... a new benchmark in his long and distinguished career." - herorealm.com

"This is Peter David's best writing since finishing THE INCREDIBLE HULK." - mediasharx.com

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