DC Shares One Last Teaser Before "Flashpoint" #1

Though its first issue hits comic shops today, DC Comics incoming summer event "Flashpoint" has remained fairly mysterious for comic book fans. The five-issue main series by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert will establish a world where the heroes of the DCU exist in strangely different circumstances than they did before today. That world - one with Emperor Aquaman and U.S. hero Cyborg - will spin the event out into 16 support mini series and four additional one-shots. However, beyond a general idea of Barry "The Flash" Allen's attempts to see why the world has changed with the help of a casino-running Batman, other details have remained under wraps.

The publisher took one step further towards throwing light on the book today, releasing the following teaser image with art from the main book and several of the support series:

Check out our previous "Flashpoint" coverage including interviews with Scott Snyder and Lowell Francis on "Project Superman," Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning on "Wonder Woman" and "Lois Lane" and Peter Milligan on "Secret Seven." And stay tuned to CBR News later this week for more on "Flashpoint."

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