DC Sets "Arrow" Digital Return, "The Flash" Digital Debut for September

The "Arrow"-verse is headed back to digital comics. TV Guide reports that DC Comics plans to bring "Arrow" back to digital comics, as well as debut a new "The Flash" digital-first series debut in September. "Arrow: Season 2.5" written by "Arrow" executive producer Marc Guggenheim and staffer Keto Shimizu with art by Joe Bennett and Jack Jadson will fill in the gap between season two and season three; while "The Flash: Season Zero" written by Andrew Kreisberg, Brooke Eikmeier and Katherine Walczak with art by Phil Hester and Eric Gapstur will take place between the pilot episode and second episode of "The Flash."

"We've tried to put in all the elements that people like about the show, so there will be Oliver and Felicity banter," Guggenheim told TV Guide of "Arrow: Season 2.5." "We're going to see what's happened to Detective Lance after he collapsed in the season finale. A good chunk of the burning questions left over will get answered in the tie-in comic."

As for "Flash: Season Zero," Kreisberg said the main villains will be a group of circus performers who gained superpowers led by "Starman" villain Mr. Bliss.

"He has the ability to manipulate peoples' emotions. He and his cadre of circus folk have decided that they've been pushed around long enough and are going to take it to society," Kreisberg said. "The villains are a little bit more costume-y and a little bit more outlandish. They don't necessarily have to be as grounded as on the TV show."

"Arrow: Season 2.5" debuts on digital September 1, and "The Flash: Zero Year" hits September 8. Print collections of each series are scheduled to hit stores on October 1 and October 8, respectively.

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