DC's Secret Six in the Works as TV Series at CBS

Arrowverse Secret Six

The Secret Six are coming to TV.

Deadline reports that the team, comprised of six DC antiheroes, will be getting their own show from Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence. Surprisingly, the show may be headed to CBS instead of The CW or DC Universe. Right now, the Secret Six show has a pilot in the works, written by Rick Muirragui, producer of USA's Suits.

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In the comics, the Secret Six are all brought together by a mysterious individual named of Mockingbird. The original team first appeared during the Silver Age in 1968, created by E. Nelson Bridwell and Frank Singer. Gail Simone and Dan Eaglesham's version of the team notably features Bane, Scandal Savage and Catman. Like the team's roster, the identity of Mockingbird changes in each version, with the most recent to helm the title in the comics being the Riddler.

Should Secret Six come to television, it will be the fourth lie action series based on a DC team. Titans is set to premiere on DC Universe later this week, with its spinoff Doom Patrol set for next year and The CW's Legends of Tomorrow premiering its fourth season later this month.

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