DC Rolls Out "Flashpoint" Mini Creative Teams

For their latest Flashpoint Friday promotion, DC Comics announced throughout the day the first issue covers and creative teams for eight of its 14 tie-in mini series to the Geoff Johns/Andy Kubert event which kicks off in May. The publisher rolled the debuts out via their The Source blog.

Now with all eight entried posted below, it is notable that a number of the books are debuting with titles somewhat different than expected after the initial announcement of the "Flashpint" tie-ins. For example, there was previously no "Hal Jordan" series (however it may be assume that this is the final title for what was once called "Flashpoint: Abin Sur The Green Lantern") and no "Legion of Doom" series in the first announcement.

Stay tuned to CBR in the weeks ahead for more updates on "Flashpoint."

UPDATED at 2:30 PM

Stay tuned to CBR throughout the day for updates on these incoming comics.

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