DC's Robins Deserve Their Own TV Show, So Why Not Make It Gotham?

It's an interesting time to be a fan of Robin, the (mostly) Boy Wonder.

As more details for the upcoming live-action Titans series have been released, we've learned that the series may exist in a world where at least two of Batman's proteges will exist. Dick Grayson, the Robin who will become Nightwing, is a lead on the show, and his follow up Jason Todd was recently rumored to be a part of the series as well. If the rumors are true, Jason will arrive on the show about halfway through its debut season, though it's unclear in what capacity and which costumed identity he will have.

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Warner Bros. has not yet released a definitive statement on the matter, but the possibility of Titans including Jason in any capacity is certainly interesting. It would be the first time that troubled kid would be in a live action Batman adaption--in previous instances, he's either been teased as having previously existed, or just been skipped outright to go straight ahead for his successor, Tim Drake. But if Jason is now considered "safe" to bring onto television thanks to the rising popularity of his adult persona the Red Hood, it means that anything can happen in regards to Batman-related media.

So with that in mind we ask, why not craft a show focused on the Robins? No Batman, no Joker, just the Robins -- which is to say, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Batman's actual son, Damian Wayne trying their hand at being a team of their own.

By now, audiences effectively have a solid idea of who each of the four Boy Wonders are and the ways in which they differentiate from each other thanks to media outside of the comics. Recent DC events such as "Batman & Robin Eternal" and "Robin War" have showcased the fun dynamic the four Boy Wonders share, with the most popular pairings between them being Dick and Damian, and Tim and Jason.

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By now, all four of the Robins have made an effort, each in their own way, to step out of the rather large shadow Batman casts. Dick moved to a new city and took on the Nightwing mantle, Tim founded Young Justice and actually made plans to retire so he could go to college, Jason... well, he died. And Damian founded both the current incarnation of the Teen Titans and struck up a partnership with his best friend, Superboy.

Between the four of them, there's enough material there to carry a show where they work through their respective identity crises, particularly with Damian. The best moments where Damian has been allowed to be himself, as in a young child that also happens to be the son of a great superhero and great assassin, have been primarily with one of his older siblings, and they understand him in ways that other costumed heroes really don't, not even his father.

The only thing that's really standing in a way of a show oriented around the Robins is the fact that there currently isn't a place for them right now, network-wise. The CW shows likely won't ever solidly touch anything remotely related to the Dark Knight, and putting all four of them in whatever world that Titans will inhabit when it comes to DC's streaming service would be way too soon. Fortunately, there is one universe where the four boys would fit in relatively well, and that would be the universe of Fox's Gotham.

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