Now Is the Time For DC to Revive Its Young Justice Comic

DC Comics is cancelling Super Sons with issue #16, but writer Peter Tomasi was quick to hint "there are plans afoot" for the fan-favorite duo. With Titans and Teen Titans also going on hiatus in the month of May to make room for Justice League: No Justice, it's clear that a major change to the landscape of the DC Universe is about to be introduced.

Of course, this can mean only one thing: Now is the perfect time to revive Young Justice.

The Super Sons Won't Be Going Away

One of Rebirth's greatest successes was the idea that Superman is now a dorky super-dad. Bringing Jon Kent into mainstream DC continuity has helped to make the Superman line feel more optimistic and fun than it has in decades. The new Superboy has also helped to usher in a new generation of heroes alongside his best friend Damian Wayne, the current Robin who also happens to be the biological son of Batman. Seeing the potential for these two characters, DC launched Super Sons, and the book found immediate success.

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DC might be ending the book in May, but that doesn't mean the characters are going away, or that the publisher was unhappy with its sales numbers. Tomasi confirmed this, letting his Twitter followers that the book was not cancelled due to poor sales. After all, a Super Sons title from Ridley Pearson is expected to be part of the DC Zoom line for young readers, and DC has the Super-Sons/Dyno-Mutt Special #1 coming out at the end of May from Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin.

All signs point to the Super Sons showing up somewhere in the very near future, and Tomasi will most likely continue to head up their adventures. Batman writer Tom King commented on the March 9 episode of The Word Balloon Podcast that he knows what Tomasi is working on next, and "it's right up his alley," and Tomasi himself is on the record as promising "Super Sons lives."

And then, we have the recent announcement of a Teen Titans Special #1 by Adam Glass and Robson Rocha, which sure seems to offer the perfect transition into what will likely come next: Young Justice.

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