DC Reveals Which Batman Books Will Feature Bruce and Dick

DC Comics' nifty PR blog, The Source, revealed today which titles will be starring Bruce Wayne as Batman and which ones will be starring Dick Grayson as Batman.

We knew Grant Morrison's Batman, Inc. would be Bruce and Tony Daniel's Batman and Peter Tomasi and Pat Gleason's Batman and Robin would obviously be Dick.

But now Scott Snyder and Jock's Detective Comics is officially Dick's book and David Finch's Batman: Dark Knight will star Bruce.

I will give DC some credit - I thought they were pushing it with the amount of Bat-titles they were releasing, but 3 Dick books and 2 Bruce books is not really all that unreasonable.

Three other quick thoughts...

1. Not looking great for Batman: Streets of Gotham that it was not mentioned either way.

2. Hiring Scott Williams to be David Finch's inker is an absolutely brilliant decision. Their two-pager from Superman/Batman #75 was good and, really, getting Jim Lee's inker must be a dream situation for Finch.

3. Yanick Paquette has always been a good artist, but his recent work has been even better than normal, with the recent issue of the Return of Bruce Wayne standing out as practically a comic masterpiece of art. So I was not surprised to see the sample work from Batman, Inc. that the Source shared be so awesome, but still, check out how awesome this double-page spread is (click to enlarge)!!!!!

It's a good time to be a Batman fan!

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