DC Reveals "Night of the Owls" Cover for "Detective Comics"

Originally set to skip the upcoming Bat-crossover, readers were informed in late-February that Tony Daniel's "Detective Comics" had opted-in to the "Night of the Owls" fun. Yesterday, DC Comics released issue #9's new cover reflecting the change in story status with a depiction of Batman battling three different Talons at once.

When the change was announced, editor Mike Marts explained how Daniel's Batman story fits into the crossover. "In 'Detective' #9, Batman finds himself in the unlikeliest of situations -- saving Arkham Asylum administrator Jeremiah Arkham from a mysterious Talon assailant," Marts told DC's blog, The Source. "What is the secret connection between the Court of Owls and Gotham City's oldest institution for the criminally insane?"

The answers to those questions and more will be revealed in May. For CBR's full coverage of the "Night of Owls" event, check out our special OWL SIGNAL interviews featuring talks with Scott Snyder, Mike Marts and more.

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