DC Reveals Lineup for First Week of Eight-Page Previews

Before DC Comics unleashes a whole lot of new series and story arcs in June, the company is giving readers a chance to get a peek at what's in the works in May, during the second month of the currently unfolding "Convergence" event -- via eight-page standalone stories. Not only will these preview stories -- not excerpts from upcoming issues, but original material -- appear in the back of selected "Convergence" tie-in issues, they'll also be available for free online via various platforms.

Today, DC announced the lineup of the first week of eight-page stories, and the "Convergence" issues where they'll appear. Each will debut on May 6. Here's the information, direct from DC, along with short descriptions of each story.

"Doomed" (Written by Scott Lobdell with Art by Javier Fernandez)

"Convergence: Superman" #2Reiser is just like every other college student - he worries about his grades, family, friends, girls, battling the Alpha Centurion in the streets of Metropolis as a Doomsday-infected monster...

"Earth 2: Society" (Written by Daniel H. Wilson with Art by Jorge Jimenez)

"Convergence: Justice League" #2The heroes of this new Earth battle over a mysterious device that could remake their old world or destroy the new one!

"Green Arrow" (Written by Ben Percy with Art by Patrick Zircher)

"Convergence: Speed Force" #2The series takes a more macabre tone, as Oliver Queen faces off against a murderous trucker in Alaska before he is called home by his half-sister Emiko (from the Jeff Lemire run) to help her save Seattle from nefarious forces.

"Green Lantern" (Written by Robert Venditti with Art by Billy Tan)

"Convergence: The Atom" #2On the run, RENEGADE Hal Jordan is confronted by both sides of the law at a galactic outpost. Beware his new power gauntlet, and watch out for his new partner!

"Green Lantern: The Lost Army" (Written by Cullen Bunn with Art by Jesus Saiz)

"Convergence: The Question" #2On a planet more alien than they can begin to imagine, John Stewart and a small group of Green Lanterns encounter new life, new dangers, and a mission of survival unlike anyone's faced before!

"Midnighter" (Written by Steve Orlando with Art by ACO)

"Convergence: Nightwing/Oracle" #2Midnighter's on the hunt for the Perdition Pistol, a legendary weapon believed to fire bullets with body-snatching demons inside -- but you shouldn't listen to everything the old stories say....

"The Omega Men" (Written by Tom King with Art by Barnaby Bagenda & Jose Marzan Jr.)

"Convergence: Batman & Robin" #2The Omega Men kill Kyle Rayner?

"Prez" (Written by Mark Russell with Art by Ben Caldwell)

"Convergence: Batgirl" #2Social media sensation Beth Ross is about to become the first teen President -- but only if she can survive her first diplomatic run-in with the UN. Will her Pad Thai craving get in the way?

"Red Hood/Arsenal" (Written by Scott Lobdell with Art by Denis Medri)

"Convergence: Titans" #2Jason and Roy face off against the forces of Kobra!

"Section Eight" (Written by Garth Ennis with Art by John McCrea)

"Convergence: Harley Quinn" #2From the pages of "Hitman" and the dumpsters of the Gotham City Municipal Dog Pound, a mysterious figure emerges. Could Dog Welder really be back from the dead?

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