DC Reveals First Look at Morrison and Burnham's "Batman, Incorporated"

DC Comics has revealed new interior images for Grant Morrison's "Batman, Incorporated" by series artist Chris Burnham. Burnham's uncolored images feature Batman and Robin in a violent battle with masked assailants. Via The Source, series editor Mike Marts teased Morrison and Burnham's upcoming addition to the New 52.

"Grant Morrison's new 'Batman, Incorporated' series is the final, unbelievable act of a saga six years in the making," Marts told The Source. "Along with his artistic partner-in-crime Chris Burnham, Grant delivers twists, turns, punches and reveals no reader will see coming. Things pick up directly after the shocking cliffhanger of last year's 'Leviathan Strikes' one-shot-and only get crazier from there!"

"Batman, Incorporated" is one of six new titles comprising DC's "Second Wave" of the New 52. Earlier this month, the publisher announced the "Second Wave" titles would replace "Men of War," "Mister Terrific," "O.M.A.C.," "Hawk and Dove," "Blackhawks" and "Static Shock" in May. Among the second wave titles are Morrison's "Batman, Incorporated," "Earth 2" and "Dial H." Morrison and Burnham previously collaborated on "Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes" in 2011, which serves as a lead-in to the new ongoing series in May.

Stay tuned to CBR for more news on "Batman, Incorporated" and DC's "Second Wave.

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