DC Reveals First Look at Final Zero Issue Covers

In preparation for DC Comics' month of zero issues beginning next week, the publisher has released a first look at the final covers for the first week's issues via its blog, The Source. Barring subtle changes (like a brighter green glow on Green Lantern Baz's tattoo), the foreground images have stayed largely the same. However, the design of the background and prominence of the series' logos have changed, with the background no longer depicting the New 52 debut issue. Instead, it uses black and white panels as characters burst out from the page. The logos have also gone from being in the background in black and white to full color.

One of the most major changes took place on "Earth 2" #0, which depicts Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and an armored mystery character. The mystery character, who previously had nothing displayed on his chest, now sports an "08" as he backs up a charging Wonder Woman. Check out the side-by-side comparison of "Earth 2" #0 covers and the full cover gallery below.

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