DC Reveals Final Covers, Costumes For "Justice League"

It may seem silly to some, but the issue of whether or not Wonder Woman will be wearing pants this September has been a hot topic amongst certain readers of DC Comics of late. After the Amazon Princess' costume was changed to include a more conservative outfit than her classic look last year, the character's uniform has been batted around message boards, and it look at first as those the core changes made by DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee would stay in place when the entire DC Universe line relaunches in September.

However, today DC revealed via their official blog The Source the final covers for "Justice League" #1 - the first comic of DC's "New 52" relaunch titles which ships at the end of this month. Aside from a final version of Lee's previously seen cover which now includes Green Lantern's missing power ring, the seven heroes spotlight includes a Wonder Woman much more in line with her classic bikini bottom-style shorts. See both Lee's cover and David Finch's penciled and colored take on the cast of "Justice League" below.

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