DC Reveals Creative Teams for "Deathstoke," "Grifter" & "The Savage Hawkman"

UPDATE: DC has edited the original post, clarifying both Frank Tieri and Mark Poulton will be joining Rob Liefeld as scripters, not co-writers.

Today, DC Comics unveiled the full creative teams for the three New 52 titles plotted by Rob Liefeld via its blog, The Source. As previously announced, Liefeld will take on both writer and artist duties for "Deathstroke" beginning with issue #9. For "Grifter," Liefeld will be joined by scripter Frank Tieri with Scott Clark remaining as ongoing series artist. Meanwhile, Mark Poulton (whose work includes the reboot of Liefeld's "Avengelyne" at Image) will join Liefeld as scripter while Joe Bennett handles interior art on "Savage Hawkman."

Liefeld's new plotting duties came to light shortly after the announcement of the New 52's "Second Wave" and the cancellation of the creator's current title "Hawk and Dove." At the time, Liefeld teased an encounter between Lobo and Deathstroke for his first story arc. "Deathstroke is tasked with the greatest challenge of his life, taking on the most dangerous prey in the galaxy...Lobo!" Liefeld told The Source. "The galactic criminal has escaped from his terrestrial prison where he has been housed for years. He is free and ready to settle the score! And what is the secret of the Omegas and what role will they play in the deadly showdown?"

The announcement of the new creative teams on Liefeld's three books is the latest in a series of creative changes beginning in May, including Peter Milligan taking over "Stormwatch", Jeff Lemire writing "Justice League Dark" and Matt Kindt writing "Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E." The creative shifts are so far timed to launch in may with the six new titles of the publisher's "Second Wave."

Stay tuned to CBR News for more on Rob Liefeld and DC's "Second Wave."

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