DC Releases New David Finch "Justice League of America" Art

Since its announcement, DC Comics has released a number of splash pages from their new "Justice League of America" title featuring the expansive team of heroes striking a pose. But in advance of the February 20 release of the series, the publisher today is showing off a different side of artist David Finch's super people with the following page of new art from the book:

Last month, series writer Geoff Johns described his take on Finch's art to CBR: "I can't say enough about David and how fantastic he is. People really respond to his art and how it's heroic -- the aggression and the grit and the power -- but for me, it's how he deals with the body language and the depth of these characters. We spend more time talking about these people and who they are and what they want than we do talking about plot," he explained.

"I'm hoping that David and I working in conjunction lets him bring something people aren't expecting. You look at that team lineup, and it's very unexpected. I like that. I want people not to know what to expect from the book. Now, we've got a lot of the story broken, and when it's out there, I want these cliffhangers to be the craziest cliffhangers in comic books. I really want this to feel like something special."

Stay tuned to CBR for more on "Justice League of America."

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