DC Releases First Look at Ian Churchill's "The Ravagers"

Today, DC Comics via its blog The Source, released a new teaser image by Ian Churchill for the New 52's "Second Wave" book "The Ravagers" written by Howard Mackie. Likely the cover for "The Ravagers" #1, Churchill's image features Caitlin "Red" Fairchild as the central figure, flanked by five other characters -- including a powered-up individual on the right who bears a striking resemblance to the Legion of Superheroes' Timber Wolf.

Earlier this week, the publisher announced "Teen Titans Annual" #1 as part of a crossover in May between Lobdell's "Teen Titans" #9 and "Superboy" #9 and Tom DeFalco's "Legion Lost" #9 and would help provide context for Lobdell and Churchill's "The Ravagers" #1. Lobdell expounded on the content of the annual issue, teasing the interaction between Superboy, the Titans and the Legion.

"You know how comics used to have cover copy that read 'This issue has it all!'... then you'd read the issue and, well, it had some but not all? Well this Annual really does have it all!" Lobdell told The Source. "We finally get to see the oft-mentioned Colony -- where the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. leader named Harvest has been keeping the hundred or so teenagers (did I say hundred?!) for who-knows-how-long. We get to see the Teen Titans in pitched battle against the Legion Lost (You can understand why Red Robin is skeptical about a team of teenagers claiming to come from the 30th Century, and why Tyroc is scratching his head over the existence of a team that -- according to the history progs -- is still some eight years away from being formed!). Then there's the introduction of half the roster of the new 'Ravagers' series! It has been eight issues since Red Robin threw down the gauntlet to Harvest, and now we're going to see if the Teen Titans have what it takes to shut down N.O.W.H.E.R.E. once and for all! Yes, there's a reason why this story could only take place in an annual -- because there is just too much story to be contained in one of the monthly books!"

"The Ravagers" #1 and the crossover between "Teen Titans," "Superboy" and "Legion Lost" launches in May.

Stay tuned to CBR for more on "The Ravagers" and the rest of DC's "Second Wave."

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