DC Releases Cryptic Sign Of Things To Come

CBR News received from DC Comics this afternoon the following image, accompanied by this subject-line.

"Let the battle cry be heard in the land, a shout of great destruction."

All we know at this time is that this image represents a project that DC will be pushing hard in 2007. Could this be from the rumored "Countdown" weekly series? World War III, maybe?

The image, which appears to be created by "Infinite Crisis" artist Phil Jimenez, is largely symbolic, depicting long dead characters and others in previous and even wholly out-of-continuity incarnations of themselves. Blue Beetle, Maxwell Lord, Jade and the Question -- all victims (although in the Question's case the jury is still out) of the Crisis and its aftermath -- are seen lying dead at the site of a destroyed Statue of Liberty, while in the background we can see Big Barda & Mister Miracle; "Kingdom Come's" Red Robin; Kyle Raynor and Donna Troy (dressed curiously as Wonder Girl); an Elseworldsish version of the Batman; an estranged Black Canary and Green Arrow; a seemingly mournful Mary Marvel; a crying Superman sitting with Wonder Woman in what looks like an homage to that famous Brian Bolland "Wonder Woman" cover; and the Flash.

And what's that device lying next to Max Lord? Is that red dot near Beetle just blood, or is it the Atom? And the gold dot -- a Legion flight ring, perhaps?

Let the speculation begin right here on CBR's DC Comics Forum.

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