DC Rebrands Dark Matter as 'The New Age of DC Heroes'

DC Comics' Dark Matter imprint has officially been rebranded -- welcome to The New Age of DC Heroes.

During today's New York Comic Con panel featuring DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee and Dan DiDio, the phrase was used to promote series the publisher had been referring to as its Dark Matter line of books. While the phrase itself is not a new one -- it's been seen on various promotional items from the publisher since mid-summer -- it had been used sparingly, until recent weeks when it began appearing regularly in the publisher's press releases regarding NYCC programming.


When CBR reached out to DC Comics for clarification, the publisher confirmed that it has rebranded the Dark Matter titles under the New Age of DC Heroes umbrella.

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Again, this isn't the first time DC has used the "New Age of DC Heroes" terminology. The same logo the publisher showed NYCC attendees today was used on promotional art when Dark Matter was promoted during Comic-Con International in San Diego and C2E2. At that time, it appeared as though it was more of a description of the initiative the Dark Days one-shots, Dark Nights: Metal and Dark Matter were part of, not as a branded terminology.

The new label not only applies to previously announced Dark Matter series like The Silencers, Sideways and The Immortal Men; it will also encompass upcoming titles like The Terrifics, a book which will star Mr. Terrific, Phantom Girl, Metamorpho and Plastic Man, and was recently revealed to include among its cast Tom Strong and his family.

Stay tuned to CBR throughout the weekend for more news from New York Comic Con about DC Comics and The New Age of DC Heroes.

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