DC Rebirth's Biggest Unsolved Mysteries


It's been over a year since DC relaunched its universe with the DC Rebirth Special #1 comic book by writer Geoff Johns and superstar artists Ivan Reis, Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver and Phil Jimenez. The purpose of this massive 80-page comic was to jumpstart a new direction for DC's line of titles, a bridge between the modern approach of the New 52 and a return to the old continuity. Under Johns' direction, Rebirth re-established many beloved aspects of the universe while setting up all new mysteries for the future.

These mysteries led to a jaw-dropping conclusion that revealed that Watchmen's Doctor Manhattan was at the center of the Rebirth mystery, and all signs pointed to him being the one responsible for the creation of the New 52 timeline. Although we've only gotten teases to his involvement in the past year, he is set to take center stage in November's Doomsday Clock, a series penned by Johns, and drawn by artists Gary Frank and Brad Anderson.

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Answers are sure to come in Doomsday Clock, but until the book arrives, we still have a lot of questions, questions that were set up all the way back in the DC Rebirth Special. While some mysteries have since been explored in other books, like the involvement of the mysterious Mr. Oz, or the identity of the villain responsible for making everyone forget about Wally West, others have yet to be resolved, or, in some cases, even mentioned.

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