DC Previews: "Mystery In Space" #1 & "Wetworks: Worldstorm" #1

DC Comics has released previews of September shipping titles "Mystery In Space" #1 and "Wetworks: Worldstorm" #1. The solicitations text and preview images follow.

Written by Jim Starlin; Art by Shane Davis and Matt "Batt" Banning and Starlin and Al Milgrom; Cover by Davis; Variant cover by Neal Adams

Get on board with comics legend Jim Starlin (Cosmic Odyssey, Thanos, Silver Surfer) and rising superstar artist Shane Davis (Batman Annual #25) as the DCU launches an 8-issue foray into the most spectacular regions of the galaxy!

Who is the new Captain Comet? What is his connection to his predecessor? And what fate has befallen the original Captain Comet during the cosmos-shattering events of 52?

Plus, a 16-page backup feature written and illustrated by the classic art team of penciler Starlin and inker Al Milgrom reveals the secret behind The Weird's return to the DCU after a long absence. As these mysteries are answered, even more are exposed!

DC Universe | 48pg. | Color | $3.99 US

On Sale September 6, 2006

Written by Mike Carey; Art by Whilce Portacio and Trevor Scott; Cover by Portacio and Richard Friend; Variant cover A by Ethan Van Sciver ; Variant cover B by Portacio

Fan-favorite artist Whilce Portacio's legendary special forces team returns in classic fashion, aided and abetted by acclaimed writer Mike Carey (HELLBLAZER, LUCIFER)!

Dane, team leader of Wetworks, is on a mission. He's forming a new team with the best of the worst. It's a bad world, filled with vampires, werewolves and all manner of nasty creatures. Someone's got to keep them in line. That's Wetworks' job - and it's not going to be easy. Don't miss the action-packed first installment of "The Blood-Red Game!"

Wildstorm Universe | 32pg. | Color | $2.99 US

On Sale September 20, 2006

[Editor's Note: For more on Carey's plans for the series, click here.

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