DC Previews: "Claw The Unconquered," "Megatokyo" & "Sloth"

DC Comics has released preview pages from Dixon & Smith's "Claw The Unconquered" #1, Gallagher's "Megatokyo" #4 & Hernandez's "Sloth." Click the images below to enlarge.


Written by Chuck Dixon; Art by Andy Smith; Covers by Smith and Ethan Van Sciver; Edited by Ben Abernathy

A unique hero gets a new beginning in this miniseries spinning out of the hit RED SONJA/CLAW THE UNCONQUERED: THE DEVIL'S HANDS, with an unbelievable debut issue that sports an alternate cover by GREEN LANTERN artist Ethan Van Sciver!

Claw finds himself working as a mercenary when he learns of a dark prophecy that centers around him...and he sets out to explore this sinister destiny. But what secrets and unspeakable evil lie before him? Find out as RED SONJA/CLAW THE UNCONQUERED artist Andy Smith is joined by writer extraordinaire Chuck Dixon (Team Zero, Nightwing) in this bold new series!

Wildstorm Signature Series | 32pg. | Color | $2.99 US

On Sale June 21, 2006

[NOTE: For more with artist Andy Smith, click here.]


Written and illustrated by Fred Gallagher

CMX is proud to present the latest, long-awaited collection of Fred Gallagher's popular MEGATOKYO. The story continues in Volume 4, presenting chapters 5 and 6 from the popular online webcomic - in print for the first time!

Obsessed anime/manga fan Piro and his friend Largo - a hardcore American gamer - adapt their highly unique perspectives on reality to life in Tokyo. While Piro stumbles around the edges of a girl he finds himself growing closer to, Largo unexpectedly crashes like a comet into the life of her reclusive friend. Chaos reigns in the streets of Tokyo and on the digital plane as they are drawn deeper into the worlds of two very different girls.

This volume also contains exclusive bonus material, including an expanded version of the short story "Circuity."

CMX | 240pg. | B&W | Softcover | $9.99 US

On Sale June 21, 2006


Written by Gilbert Hernandez; Art and Cover by Hernandez

From Gilbert Hernandez, the award-winning co-creator of Love and Rockets - the series that defined alternative comics - comes SLOTH, Hernandez's first original graphic novel, presented in breathtaking black and white by Vertigo.

Troubled teenager Miguel Serra becomes a walking urban legend after he wills himself into a coma and wakes up one year later virtually unchanged - except for his sloth-like pace.

Discover how a haunted lemon orchard, a mysterious goatman and murder collide as Miguel, his girlfriend Lita and their friend Romeo take on the teenage wasteland of suburbia.

Will it be love or rock-and-roll suicide? Find out in SLOTH, a surrealistic romantic drama in the spirit of David Lynch that takes the art of sequential storytelling to new heights in its use of light and shadow.

Vertigo | 128pg. | B&W | Hardcover | $19.99 US | Mature Readers

On Sale July 5, 2006

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