DC Prepares Retailer Market Saturation Test

Official Press Release

DC Comics is currently working in conjunction with nearly a dozen volunteer retailers nationwide on a market saturation test. The program will run for three consecutive months starting this year. The process begins when retailers submit their orders as normal through Diamond. At that time, DC will override those orders to provide extra quantities of many, if not all, DC Comics titles for that month. The saturation test will involve periodicals only, not collected editions or DC Direct Products.

As Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales & Marketing, explains, "Our goal is to find out if there is a certain shortfall of sales that we can quantify. If we discover that the volunteer stores can sell an average of 20% more copies of THE FLASH, for example, then we have a very firm, real number we can use to help retailers see what sales they're missing and what dollars they're leaving on the table."

The test was developed by Wayne working with Brian Hibbs of Comix Experience, and will involve retailers from a variety of geographical locations and operation sizes.

Wayne and DC's Direct Sales team hope to put this information to good use in terms of planning future sales and marketing efforts.

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