DC prepares for <i>The Rise of Arsenal</i> and 'The Fall of Green Arrow'

Another day, another round of DC Comics announcements for 2010. This morning the spotlight is on Green Arrow and Red Arrow, with news of a one-shot, a miniseries and a Green Arrow story arc all written by J.T. Krul.

The one-shot Justice League: The Rise and Fall, illustrated by Mike Mayhew, which will serve as an epilogue to this year's Justice League: Cry for Justice and lead into the four-issue Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal, drawn by Geraldo Borges. Meanwhile, March's Green Arrow #31 will kick off a six-issue arc called "The Fall of Green Arrow," illustrated by Diogenes Neve.

"The title Rise and Fall says it all in terms of where these characters are headed," Krul tells the DC Universe blog. "It’s going to be a dark and tragic road for both them and I’m hoping readers will be hooked by where Ollie and Roy come out in the end.”

Krul, best known for his work on Aspen's Fathom and, more recently, on DC's Teen Titans, Titans and Blackest Night: Titans, provides more details to IGN.com.

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