10 Most Powerful Crime Syndicate Members, Ranked

When it comes to the world of comic books, one of the most iconic storylines a hero can endure is meeting an evil counterpart or doppelganger. It challenges the hero to examine themselves and see a version of themselves who was corrupted or fell into the embrace of evil. One of the best examples of this is DC Comics' very own Crime Syndicate.

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Hailing from Earth-3 in the Multiverse, the Crime Syndicate of America is filled with powerful evil counterparts to the Justice League heroes fans know and love. Here are the ten most powerful members of the Crime Syndicate.

10 Atomica

One of the first villains of the Crime Syndicate to examine has to be the Earth-3 counterpart of The Atom. While Ray Palmer is the hero most commonly associated with the heroic identity, his Earth-3 counterpart didn’t come close to the villainous and powerful Atomica.

In the Earth-3 universe, Atomica was a young thief and criminal who worked with Johnny Quick. While being cornered at STAR Labs, she and Johnny were caught in a storm that bestowed him with speed powers and her with the ability to grow in size and density. She worked as a spy for the Syndicate.

9 Talon

Every DC Comics fan knows that with every version of Batman, there is usually a Robin. Earth-3 is no different, as the powerful Owlman had his own version of the sidekick. Richard Grayson of Earth-3 has a very different upbringing to the Dick Grayson fans know and love today.

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His parents worked in the circus and used it to run a criminal empire laundering money. When they were taken from Talon, he was taken in by Owlman, who trained him to be his sidekick and eventually Richard became Talon. Talon learned Owlman took his parents out and he lost his life to The Joker later on.

8 The Outsider

Believe it or not, but this next member of the Crime Syndicate was powerful in that he managed to slide under the radar and was responsible for the events of the Forever Evil storyline. The Outsider was the Earth-3 version of Alfred Pennyworth, Owlman’s faithful servant in his criminal empire.

When the Crime Syndicate sought to escape the dying world of Earth-3, Alfred and Atomica were the only ones to make it to Prime Earth. Alfred became the Outsider, orchestrating the villains to attack Argus and orchestrate the Trinity War, gaining access to Pandora’s Box and unleashing the Crime Syndicate on Earth.

7 Sea King

This next villain is unique in that he is a counterpart to a very powerful hero on Earth, and yet he initially did not survive the initial trip to Prime Earth. Sea King was actually the counterpart of Prime Earth’s Aquaman, but the trip to Prime Earth saw him pass away immediately upon arrival.

However, after being dumped into the ocean by the Syndicate, Dead Man possessed his body which reawakened Sea King’s consciousness. It took John Constantine wrestling Deadman from Sea King’s control before the villain was stopped, but his power over the seas is a true rival to Aquaman.

6 Deathstorm

Whether you know him from DC Comics lore or the amazing role he played in the Arrowverse, many fans know and love Dr. Martin Stein. A world-renowned scientist, he became one half of the superhero Firestorm. Yet what would happen if that genius was also an evil mastermind and powerful villain instead?

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You would get Deathstorm, the Earth-3 version of the DC hero Firestorm. On this Earth, Martin Stein performed his experiments by luring homeless individuals into his lab and preying on them. He experimented on himself and turned himself into Deathstorm, fusing his body and mind with a corpse.

5 Power Ring

Now getting into the core group inside of the Crime Syndicate, the first villain to mention has to be Power Ring. Of course, this is the Earth-3 counterpart of Green Lantern, particularly Kyle Rayner's hero. Power Ring is a blonde-haired young man who gained his ring from a Tibetan monk named Volthoom.

Using the power ring, the villain was born as Volthoom took residence inside of the ring and plagued the ring bearer’s mind. Power Ring often created large monstrosities out of his constructs to destroy entire city blocks.

4 Johnny Quick

One of the more unique members of the Crime Syndicate has to be the speedster of the group, Johnny Quick. Originally a speedster who used a special helmet to augment his powers to rival Earth-Prime’s The Flash, the first Johnny Quick perished and a Post-Crisis version used a formula known as Speed Juice to maintain his powers.

This Speed Juice was actually the blood of his predecessor, who had been slain. However, the predecessor was eventually resurrected and revealed to be the counterpart of Earth-Prime’s Golden Age speedster Johnny Quick, creating a seriously complex yet engaging plot involving the speedsters.

3 Superwoman

The last three members of the Crime Syndicate make up the core membership and the most powerful villains of the entire group. Earth-3’s version of Wonder Woman named herself Lois Lane when adapting to man’s world, and had ended the lives of the other Amazons on her home island.

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She was forced to marry Ultraman, the Earth-3 counterpart of Superman, who had an unhealthy obsession with her. However, she carried on a longtime affair with Owlman, the elusive Thomas Wayne Jr.

2 Ultraman

The second most powerful member of the Syndicate and arguably the strongest member of the team overall has to be Ultraman. The Earth-3 version of Superman, this villain was actually a human astronaut who gained his powers after an encounter with aliens and gains his power from exposure to Anti-Kryptonite.

Ultraman's obsession with Superwoman not only causes him to force her to marry him but to bear him a son as well, making him quite the dictator. If Ultraman is away from Anti-Kryptonite for too long he becomes weak, making his power completely dependent on the substance.

1 Owlman

The most powerful and dangerous member of the Crime Syndicate is Owlman. Otherwise known as Thomas Wayne Jr, this is the Earth-3 counterpart to Batman. In his world, he is the older brother of Bruce Wayne, who blames his father, Thomas Wayne Sr, for his mother and brother’s death.

Thomas Wayne Sr is Gotham’s police commissioner, and the two go to war with one another. Owlman has an advance IQ thanks to a drug that enhanced his cerebral cortex and uses powerful technology to enhance his natural mind control powers. His mind and skills make him the most dangerous threat in the Crime Syndicate.

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