DC Plans More Backups As "Steel" Heads To "Action"

This December, the Man of Steel will be getting some backup.

The backups will focus on various members of Superman's world, starting with the hero Steel who Morrison and Morales will introduce in full in issue #4. Moss revealed that "last we saw of John Henry Irons, in 'Action' #2, he had quit his military job in protest over Lex Luthor torturing Superman under General Lane's command. Now, as the Terminauts lay siege to Metropolis, it's time for John Henry to put his money where his mouth is and go help Superman defend the city."

The first backup in #4 focuses on the fight between Steel and the Metall-0 in the story as drawn by artist Brad Walker before #5's feature moves to the lives of Ma and Pa Kent as drawn by ChrisCross. Each artist will do one more backup each before issue #8 wraps Morrison's first arc with a full feature drawn by Morales.

The publisher revealed Walker's first take on Steel's early armor, based on a design by Rags Morales. For more, see The Source, and stay tuned to CBR News for more on "Action Comics."

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